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    Today departing Mallorca, make me to post here
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    Hello, first post. I've been simming on and off since FS4 (it was the first software I bought for my first PC). I've been on XPlane for a couple of years now. I wanted to try an alternative to FSX and preferred it.
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    RANDOM EVENT!| 1st place! 500 wings in Threshold store. 2nd place! 250 Wings in Threshold store Winners contact me on PM with your registered info in the store and you will be given your awards. Every one else keep the screenshots coming to have a chance to win Random events are random...
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    Ultimate 737-900 liveries list Comment down below if you see/create something new and I will add it. Of course, if something has been deleted/removed, or there are some authorship issues, write me a PM please. When possibile (double posting) I will put the link to the Threshold file page instead of the .org forum The same list is also available for the 737-800 at the .org forum and for the 737-700 here on Threshold AXP liveries - included in the download Alaska Airlines N248AK Alaska Airlines N434AS Delta Airlines N864DN KLM PH-BXS United Airlines N37437 * fictional / fake / inaccurate liveries L LEAP engines Airlines Aer Lingus (custom livery) - by RepublicGamerUHD[IRE * L Air Canada C-FSID - by Coolbub123 Alaska Airlines N260AK - by KJO Alaska Airlines N265AK - by Chemtrail773 Alaska Airlines N268AK - by KJO Alaska Airlines N280AK (Kevin Durant - newer) - by KJO Alaska Airlines N280AK (Kevin Durant) - by KJO Alaska Airlines N287AK (And to All a Good Flight) - by Luiscasta Alaska Airlines N305AS (Refreshed) - by KJO Alaska Airlines N306AS - by KJO Alaska Airlines N318S (Spirit of Disneyland) - by Aviationdk Alitalia EI-DDH (SkyTeam) - by LouisAquila Arkefly EC-KQR - by Coolbub123 Batik Air PK-LBG - by asher_050100 Continental Airlines N37437 (Eco-Skies) - by justintx79 Copa Airlines HP-9901CMP - by ArcticPilot * Delta Air Lines N856DN (Avengers Endgame) - by Aviationdk Delta Air Lines N892DN - by DOG441 * Delta Air Lines N921DU (Breast Cancer Awareness) - by Aviationdk Delta Air Lines N923DZ - by DOG441 Eastar Jet HL8097 - by baik1120 Flybondi LV-TNU - by sgurpide JetKonnect VT-JLH - by Coolbub123 JetLite VT-JLH - by Coolbub123 KLM PH-BXO (SkyTeam) - by Coolbub123 KLM PH-BXR (old livery) - by 452QX KLM PH-BXT - by Chemtrail773 KLM PH-BXT (100 years) - by TR3K Korean Air HL8249 - by baik1120 Lion Air PK-LFG (Dreamliner livery) - by asher_050100 Lion Air PK-LPA (old livery) - by ManOfTheGood Lion Air PK-LPI - by InFInItyKiLL33 Lion Air PK-LPY - by ManOfTheGood * Lufthansa D-ABIL - by Atarium * Lufthansa D-ABIL (old livery) - by Atarium * L Lufthansa D-AISQ - by X plane11 flyer Malindo Air 9M-LNF - by MFirdausAdi Malindo Air 9M-LNG - by MFirdausAdi Malindo Air 9M-LNH - by MFirdausAdi Malindo Air 9M-LNJ - by MFirdausAdi Malindo Air 9M-LNK - by MFirdausAdi Malindo Air 9M-LNL - by MFirdausAdi * L Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-NHD - by X plane11 flyer SkyUp Airlines UR-SQI - by AndriyViter Smartwings OK-TSM - by Rasiu * Southwest Airlines N8312C (Canyon Blue) - by Jviation TAROM YR-NYN - by narayanhd Travel Service (Smartwings) OK-TSI - by Martin Novotný * United Airlines N76516 (Star Alliance - 738 livery) - by Speed_Limit75 USAir N900AU - by Coolbub123 Private / military versions Boeing House Livery N737X - by Coolbub123 Boeing house livery MAX N17768 - by metallstorm5555 Global Jet Luxembourg LX-DIO - by Coolbub123 * Stephenson Airlines - by Coolbub123
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    I've always been fascinated with aircraft. My first time in a simulator was when I visited my uncle in Florida. He was in charge of the flight simulators for Eastern Airlines. He took me to check it out. From then on I was hooked. Thinking if I ever was rich I would buy me one. Unfortunately that never happened. When I purchased my first desktop I was looking for software and saw MSFS98 and picked up a copy. From there it was FS2000, then FS2004, then FSX. The problem was always no matter what computer I had, the sim just didn't run as well as I'd like. One day I was in a store and picked up a copy of XP9. It was quite different than FSX. No airports. Just runways . Every thing was different. Went back to FSX. I was getting frustrated with FSX and decided to try XP 10. after working with it for some time decided it was much better to use. I've been a Xplane supporter ever since.
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    Hey all, I am new here and x-plane in VR. I run an Samsung Odyssey Plus and I have a pretty good rig. Frames are up and down as we all know and surely love. I set up VATSIM yesterday and I am working on modding some of the aircraft for VR to get things right. That is how I found this place. All good fun to try and solve problems. I have had VR headsets for about 7 years. Started with the good brick on the face Oculus DK1, DK2 then CV1 but I skipped HTC. Currently I like WMR O+, the screen is pretty damn good for now. I am building a panel for xplane of a cessna 172 and maybe a twin comanche down the road. It is all wood bits and used parts right now but I will be lasercutting the panels soon. My switches, encoders and pots all work now so that is cool. Also I bought captoglove VR gloves to see if I can make em work but I haven't got the additonal sensors yet. My home airport is Abbotsford BC Canada CYXX and I want to fly the island air express routes in a PA31 from Carenado for fun. I won't ever fly cause of medical reasons but I love simming. I know people in different parts of aviation so it is my fun. I do infrequently stream on a twitch channel as BadivanBad and I am all set up with discord and whatnot. That is not a shameless plug for followers, I just use it for company when I play games cause I mutter to myself anyways while I play. I also use it to show some of my progress to family and friends online. So that is what I am up to...Say hi anytime. I am on the Threshold Discord channel now so maybe I will see some of you all around. BadivanBad A Nerd without A Bird
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    The amount of impatience is what is absurd. It's freeware, be grateful its being released at all. It's done when it's done, end of story.
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    Very good mod for the 737. Also works fine with the 737-900ER Ultimate. My only criticism/advice is that there are some folders which don't have a full comparison set of pics, and it would be good to explain which ones are standard on newer or older model planes as it would save the user a lot of time looking up sources and reference pics.
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