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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi ! This is my first upload here, I hope you´ll like it I fixed the PBR (NML) of the FlightFactor 777 fanblades. They were too reflective, so I removed the reflection of the fanblades and now they look stunning. I am also using some optional engine textures from MB https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/25734-engines-and-wheels-texture-b777-200lrf300er/ Installation: Make a backup first ! Copy the file into the objects folder of your 777 ENJOY ^^
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    Hey guys! No the project is not dead. I'm very happy to say that the project has overcome one major hurdle- the completion of the cockpit window frames. It's a part of the plane that I've wasted my time finding someone to help complete it because I have near zero experience with cockpit modelling. (And witnessing someone turning against me, this project, and Threshold for some weird reason). So after an episode of backstabs and petty bloodshed campaigns, I've finished the rest of the 3D Cockpit. But I have to say that most of the work was done by "Betaknight", and of course Vittorio Greco who kindly modelled the preliminary mesh. I'm currently hopping between finishing the final details of the cockpit and UV mapping the completed parts. I've essentially finished the OH Panel UV mapping, with a few more buttons that require mapping, I've begun work on the Centre Pedestal UV Mapping. 3D COCKPIT Here is your first shot of the 3d cockpit imported into X-Plane, certain parts of the mesh will, of course, be refined to ensure a smoother finish. The control yoke and seats is yet to be remodelled to the same quality as the rest of the cockpit. Shot of the cockpit outside the plane: FLIGHTMODEL The flight model will be another highlight of this plane, we're about halfway with the flight model for the GE90-95B, and we're currently figuring out the 777's cruise params corrections, hopefully progressing to find a solution. As of the moment, many of the flight characteristics comply with the reference documents. In Airfoil-Maker, the current aero functions are incomplete and with very few control points, necessitating creating tricks/solutions in order to make the cruise parameters somehow simulate the real ones from the flight manual, but it's a long trial and error work. Our Flight-model developer has talked with Austin half a year ago about improving the control over various aerodynamic functions, but it seems we'll still have to wait until he will implement them. (If we haven't figure a workaround till then). He remains optimistic that he will figure out a workaround before Austin implements the changes he requested. THE PLAN The plan is to complete a simulation of the 777-200ER with GE90-95B engines first, then move onto other engine variants, and then other variants like the -300 series and the 777X when sufficient information is available. The Ultimate team has welcomed the opportunity to assist in the systems development of the 777, incorporating applicable systems from the Zibo 737 into the 777. And of course, AudiobirdXP will come to assist in bringing music to your ears. FINAL THOUGHTS As a footnote, I also want to address a recurring issue lately concerning an individual who's going on a world tour across public forums and discord preaching false allegations of this project, I just want to say to be vigilant and take the things you hear with a grain of salt. Some things that were claimed include: The utilisation of the POSKY 777 3D Cockpit Model The flightmodel is "crap" The usage of the entire TDS 777 model (Which TDS didn't produce... the latest 777 is under SkySpirit) The claim that I take credit for people's work (???) The project is dead Its a marketing ploy for Threshold to get attention when view count on the website drops (???) The individual even went as far as to ask the developer of another freeware project to join the 777 development team and import the FlightFactor cockpit walls to the existing custom mesh, to use that as evidence that we're stealing and we're not trustworthy. This person has an old copy of the 777, which his judgement is solely based on that copy. That copy was a bare-bones exterior only revision - the project has developed significantly from that last revision he obtained. He shared stuff of the plane which he shouldn't even share publicly. The flight model will be top-notch, systems are enough to satisfy middle-end flight simmers, and the visuals are competitive with many payware aircraft. PAWDA ceased to exist because the plan has changed, the plane will no longer be a bare-bones systems product. Most of all, it's done out of love and passion, so you'll experience each and every detail we've painstakingly crafted into the plane. ______ DRAMA ASIDE The visuals on this aircraft are almost completely custom modelled from head to toe with the exception of POSKY's landing gear, which I've heavily edited with new UV mappings and a refined mesh. Hiroshi Igami, the head 3d modeller of TDS, SkySpirit, and POSKY is a close dear friend of mine - frequently mentoring about modelling methods and small details that characterise the plane. I don't have the model of the POSKY 3D Cockpit, and I never take credit from other people's work. Lastly, Threshold has barely covered the project except for one news entry. Soon that may change, to consolidate all efforts into one group but we'll see. As I'm writing this, I still feel that this project's progress is hanging by a thread- once the 3D cockpit is finished and textured, more threads will be added (that is the help of the ultimate team bringing the flight deck to life). I also hope to bring awareness to the fact that the project is FREEWARE for a few reasons, one of them is that I'm less obligated to stick to deadlines and that this is my first project- which will obviously encounter many progress stopping events. The project is dead when I say so, otherwise please wait patiently for updates. And the 757? I'm pausing it temporarily, we need to get the 777 show on the road first now. Thank you to those who has not lost hope, I am just as excited to bring this out for all of you to enjoy! Kindest Regards, Peter Tram (Developer of the 777-project, also known as the "biggest scam" and "marketing tool" for and by Threshold)
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    Hello all! I made this list of all planes that will be available for X-Plane in the future. If I missed anything or if you are a dev wanting to add something, please dm me. This is updated daily! Hope this is useful and happy flying! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XGZ1udkLuOAkECU8Sgi2An-CknJCqIGdEcncTVgfUqI/edit?usp=sharing -doudoualexou
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    Definitely. Once I get the Pocket Rocket and M20 v4.0 out this will be something I want to work on.
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    Wow, this reshade preset is gorgeous and I love it. I have exactly same specs except my cpu is an i7-7700HQ and the performance is great! Thanks for sharing this preset! Cheers!
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    Good day everyone, I scrolled diagonaly through the SDK texts found on the x-plane sdk site. I admit I am not finished reading that, however, I would need help understanding how a plugin' development, from a Visual Studio directory/file structure, goes (or is migrated to) the X-Plane directory. It seems that the code samples are not compiling properly and Visual Studio is at a loss to locate files, that seem not to be where they should be, or refuses to start win.xpl, which I don't think it should even try at all, but yeah. Does anybody as a comprehensive explanation of how that works? Thanks !
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    Version 1.0.0


    If you have any requests let me know and i will try to do them as soon as possible! If you like my work please consider donating, every little bit helps. Thanks. Donation Link Check Out Our Facebook Page.
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    We know the Colimata Concorde is releasing (fingers crossed) by March this year so you could probably change that to close to release
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    Very nice, looks good
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    Obligatory ignore "Activate Windows" watermark Flown at the time they were actually operating this... just not with any pax - this was due to an av-gas leak at NZAA, forcing them to fly down to Wellington to refuel. Pretty rare to see anything larger than a 777-200 at NZWN, so was good to see -300s and 787s paying a visit
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    I'll direct you to the most recent roadmap, released in late November - https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/206-roadmap/?tab=comments#comment-1687
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    Jordan's gorgeous video of the 737-700 Ultimate
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    Version 1.0.0


    Threshold is proud to release our Winter 2018 scheme! To wrap up a year of exponential growth, we have designed a small gift to you- our readers and our followers. For those that played a role in Threshold's story. As with our utmost commitment to bring design and quality content to the community, our little gift is no exception. Our 2018 Winter scheme features a custom-designed pattern inspired by rich fauna in Threshold's home country: Norway. The Stag is the king of the forest and proudly embraces the tail of the 737 series. Flowing lines juxtaposes the sharp deltas flowing through the body of each figure, personifying the stag's leadership role in the forest: Note: subsequent versions of the scheme for other 737 variants will be uploaded after the release
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    Check out pictures on the net. Bigger displays and other improvements....
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    @djdragon737 Just out of curiousity, what are the cockpit differences between the 737NG and 737 MAX?
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    Version 1.0.0


    This paint-kit is for the 737-800 powered by ZiboMOD ONLY. Please take a minute to read the top layers "READ ME" and the one on transparency. Enjoy! Please remember to credit if you use this paintkit.
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    finally... a dream of mine since XP11 came out might come true!
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    The tail / winglets / SATCOM paintkit will be released tonight (CET). This is to provide livery painters (and everyone interested in converting older liveries) with the opportunity to re-allocate their winglets BEFORE the large 737-800 update is release. This update will be accompanied by the release of ready-to-go liveries of which we will probably include only 4 with the 800 download to keep size down. All others will be available for download simultaneously. Due to the fact that xplane.org's owner is banning or punishing anyone who links to Threshold, Zibo and/or me will have to host these files on our Gdrives. It will certainly lead to a download throttle. There are tutorials on how to circumvent these. Please read up on them beforehand.
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    This looks very nice. Looking forward to the progress on this project. Keep up the good work. Bob
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    very nice! [emoji108] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
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    Due to some hardware failure in the cabin / door department, we'll have to pushback the cabin / door assets about 10 to 14 days. On the positive side, the 800 will get her new clothes sooner and there's also been done some work in the cockpit. Paintkits are pretty much ready for the 800 and the shared paintkit for the tail/winglets/satcoms... as well. Expect release of these soonTM.
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    There is no such thing as a bad headset on the market right now. I use the VIVE because Oculus has a reputation of poor customer service. I have absolutely no complaints about my VIVE and it's compatibility with XPlane. The only advice most of us will be able to give you is that you MUST have a computer capable of running VR otherwise your headset will be a waste of money. My specs: GTX 1080, I7-7700K 5.1 GHz, 32GB RAM running XP on an SSD. Even with my specs, VR in XPlane is roughly 30 FPS on medium-low settings.
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