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  1. I apologise for the radio silence. I'll just put this short update to announce that the 777 is shelved temporarily while I work on a platform to make the aircraft development happen, on discord I've expressed the same sentiment in that the plane has been dropped. That said, I know that my previous updates always steer people to believe that my projects will come to see the light of day, which it always happens to be the exact opposite. So what I'm working on at the moment aims to prevent that from happening again, a solid underlying solution that minimise any development interruptions so
  2. Version 1.0.0


    A paint kit that includes retextured normals for the flying surfaces, fuselage, windows, and engines of the Magknight 787-9. It is compatible with version 1.4.0 onwards. Texture features: Redeveloped fuselage textures containing rivets and weathering/dirt, both of which are adjustable in the paintkit Engine Pylons and Exhaust textures recreated with photorealism Glass textures recreated with distinctive magenta glass colour for cockpit windows and darker tint for all windows New normal maps with redeveloped specular maps (alpha) Instructions to fix the fusela
  3. Working on texturing the cockpit ATM. here's a preview of the front panels: Buttons still need to be fully textured, and some labels are out of place. Otherwise, it's getting there. I may need to remap some bits to improve the resolution.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Threshold is proud to release our Winter 2018 scheme! To wrap up a year of exponential growth, we have designed a small gift to you- our readers and our followers. For those that played a role in Threshold's story. As with our utmost commitment to bring design and quality content to the community, our little gift is no exception. Our 2018 Winter scheme features a custom-designed pattern inspired by rich fauna in Threshold's home country: Norway. The Stag is the king of the forest and proudly embraces the tail of the 737 series. Flowing lines juxtaposes the sharp deltas flowing throug
  5. Hey guys! No the project is not dead. I'm very happy to say that the project has overcome one major hurdle- the completion of the cockpit window frames. It's a part of the plane that I've wasted my time finding someone to help complete it because I have near zero experience with cockpit modelling. (And witnessing someone turning against me, this project, and Threshold for some weird reason). So after an episode of backstabs and petty bloodshed campaigns, I've finished the rest of the 3D Cockpit. But I have to say that most of the work was done by "Betaknight", and of course Vittorio Greco w
  6. Hi! I've created a news entry for it recently. I'll update it to include your images and the video. ?
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