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  1. Marten@Stairport


    Aaron, you can use the StepToSky 3ds max exporter. There won't by any blank liveries (the ones included are more or less blank) so you can simply paint them out of the box.
  2. Marten@Stairport


    Ok that indeed excludes the heading yet. We will try to improve it.
  3. Marten@Stairport


    I bet you still have set an override to the marshaller which is saved for your current session as long as you don't deactivate it.
  4. Marten@Stairport


    Hi Patrick, once you configured a docking object (marshaller/vdgs) only the nearest one will be triggered. That should include the rotation as well.
  5. They probably changed the acf file of the 747 (again). We will include a correct configuration in the next update.
  6. Marten@Stairport

    Mammoth gate

    Hi Igor, you can implement custom objects. A tutorial and further description can be found here: Your mentioned "jetways" are very unique and rare so it is probably easier to create a custom object for the scenery which requires it than creating a global object which does not really fit.
  7. No the docking object don't have to be reconfigured.
  8. The door rotation problem was a bug which has been fixed in 1.0.4.
  9. Hello guys, another fix has been released: There was a calculation error of the door rotation value in specific geographic areas which has been corrected. Get version 1.0.4 here. Greets Marten
  10. Hi Ron, we have to figure out some things in the background. Once that's done we can actually start to implement new features. There is a long list of things we like to do but don't want to disappoint you at this stage in case our plans fail so stay tuned. Greets Marten
  11. The jetways you are using don't use the updated templates we released in 1.0.3. You will have to delete and reconfigure them in the Authoring Tool. That should fix it.
  12. Marten@Stairport

    default airports

    I would propose these videos as well as the WED manual.
  13. Ah indeed. Let's see what others report.
  14. Well you didn't use the beacon as far as I can see so the jetway did not disconnect properly. But I have no idea why the jetway is initially connected.

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