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  1. I've been doing flight simulation since I purchased my Commodore 128 (yikes!) back in the day. I've been through all the MS flight sim's since "95" except for FSX. Seems I always had a computer that was a couple of steps behind where the flight sim software lived. I finally concluded that flying for real was the only way to get ahead of the tech curve. I got my PPL SEL / Instrument ticket in the mid 90's and purchase a C182Q (1980) along with a couple of other guys shortly thereafter. I retired in my 60's and moved to where the grandkids lived - had to sell back my share of the aircraft. That's when I picked up XP10 when it was released and found I was still a couple of steps behind in hardware. It was XP11 that prompted me to build my first computer - totally addicted to the performance I'm looking to build my next rig early next year. I really enjoy flying the AFM Mooney - the flight model feels very good. I just need to get better at reading tapes - you know, I'm an old steam gauge guy...LOL!
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