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  1. Beta 0.13.0 is available: - added feature: categories - added feature: regex is now optional for selecting files on google drive. you can now use substrings for the name (ATTENTION: PLEASE REMOVE AND ADD ALL GOOGLE DRIVE DOWNLOADS IN XUP2DATE FOR THIS OR DELETE THE ADDONS.JSON FILE IN THE PREFS FOLDER) - improved: hide "apply" button while adding a google drive add on - improved: xup2date will not install add ons if xplane is running - improved: xup2date will not backup xplane while xplane is running - improved: check if google drive file regex is valid - improved: on first google login application locks and tells user to login in browser window - fixed bug: download failed for org store and didn't show any errors or update status - fixed bug: error while installing specific .zip files. (e.g. Jar Design A320)
  2. Aaaaaaand 0.12.1 hotfix: 0.12.1(Hotfix 1): - fixed bug: Add on status not updating when no add on found in google drive
  3. Beta 0.12.0 is available for all beta testers! Finally Google Drive Updates from Google Drive Folders are possible! Changelog: - added feature: start with windows - added feature: Google Drive folder update compatibility (e.g. for Zibo updates) - improved: Changed labels for login information - improved: Adapter manual for new features - fixed minor bugs
  4. Beta 0.11.1 is available for all beta testers! Changelog: - improved: improved info tag when no local version information available (there has been some confusion about this) - improved: some error message texts and other texts - fixed bug: jar file not opening the very first time - fixed bug: child add on's state not reset on app start
  5. Here some frequently asked quesions answered by someone who is supposed to have some knowledge about this product: What Add-Ons can i update through Xup2Date Add-Ons from the Threshold forum, Org forum and the Org store. We'll probably add more file providers later on. I need to enter my login data into Xup2Date. Is that secure? We save your data encrypted on your PC ONLY and we only use it to download the files with your account. The download request with your login data will also be sent encrypted to the server. Are there any download limits? This depends on the file provider (e.g. Org forum). Some file providers have download limits, but this has nothing to do with Xup2Date, it's a limitation by the providers themselves. We can't change that. Is this a virus? Not as far as i know. Can i use Xup2Date together with an Add-Ons internal updater? Yes. You could for example update your Add-On, which comes with its own updater, with this updater and add mods for this Add-On (e.g. soundpacks, texture packs) with Xup2Date. Or you can update everything through Xup2Date. Your choice. What's the "Product Page URL" input field when i try to add an Add-On into Xup2Date? The "Product Page URL" is the page where you would normally find the download links of your Add-On. On the org forum for example this would be this page (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/29166-ksfo-san-francisco-international-airport-and-city/), on the Threshold Forum this would be this page (https://forum.thresholdx.net/files/file/59-x-visibility-dynamic-haze-control/) and on the org store it would be the page where you would start the download from. In the manual there is a description with some images. If you want to download google drive files this is the folder URL, beginning with "https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/" Can i update the ZIBO with Xup2Date? Yes you can!
  6. Here are known issues or other limitations we have at the moment: Downloads contained in .rar files can not be installed At the moment updates are only available for Add-Ons from the Threshold forum, Org Forum, Org store and Google Drive. More will come later on.
  7. At the moment we're in closed beta phase. If you would like to attend leave a message here, on Facebook or on Discord. If you have any suggestions let us know.
  8. Request for: Flight Factor A320 Made by: Flight Factor Currently it has a VR implementation but the handling of turnable knobs for example is a bit weird. You can't rotate them like in Standard xplane Aircraft or in the zibo 737 for example. otherwise you can fully use everything just fine in the Cockpit. The addon has an EFB but it already works in VR. So to sum up, you only Need to modify the turnable knobs to work a Little bit better. (like Autopilot, Overhead Panel, etc...)
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