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  1. Thanks for this, I've scoured every other forum and thought of building my own list. I found Threshold's news to be the most informative of upcoming releases to it figures someone here is already on it!
  2. Hi everyone. First of all, I'm really excited to see Threshold take off, it seems like a great community and the news portion is top notch. I got into flight simulation as a whole when I was fairly young. I had an early iteration of MSFS on our second home desktop which took up something like 70% of our hard drive at the time (go figure, with addons in 2019 it still does.) I then got into combat games/sims via Strike Commander followed by the Jane's series (specifically AH-64D Longbow and the Fighters Anthology collection.) From there I continued along the MS path, flying every iteration of their sim through FSX. I checked out X-Plane 9 on a whim because it had a free demo. Honestly, I didn't care for it. It felt like it had a highly unrealistic flight model on the demo aircraft, the graphics were awful compared to my modded FSX installation. I kept coming back as updates rolled out to take a peek, and became more interested when X-Plane 10 came out enough that I bought a license and started getting involved in the community. Some of the top notch freeware is what sold me on the community. When X-Plane 11 came out, I started dividing my time fully between the sims, and within the past few months I've been flying nearly exclusively in X-Plane. I still consider my fully decked out Prepar3d setup to be superior in some ways (I've dropped close to a thousand USD over the years into addons) and my collection of P3D aircraft is massive, but after a while of flying in X-Plane it's just hard to go back. With xEnviro 1.10 on the horizon, if all goes well with that I can't fathom I'll fly anything else. A key thing to note: I've flown a Mooney Bravo turbo and a Cessna 172, and can say with absolute certainty that while no sim authentically recreates the feeling of flight, X-Plane 11 with stability augmentation turned down in the controls will get you much closer to the real thing than any other sim can.
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