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  1. You sure about that? I ran it just fine on Vulkan when testing the new update. It took a while for the clouds to render, but they did.
  2. In my experience it really just depends on the cloud formations. Taller cloud formations in particular are more fuzzy for me. I'd try other (distant) areas to see if it's just localized to where you're flying.
  3. Congrats on the 1.1 release, the new sliders for brightness/contrast/vibrance/gamma are a huge plus, as I have been using nvidia control panel to tweak those options on my monitor itself. Not quite sure what all to look out for in the clouds, but the shapes are looking great. The noise is definitely rough but I appreciate the momentum and honesty about the limitations as always.
  4. Just saw this, thanks and glad you liked the shot!
  5. Hey @Vendia I am having this same issue, did you end up getting rid of the rendering options mod entirely, or changing the settings? Edit: Getting rid of Rendering Options mod did the trick for me.
  6. I've experienced heavy wind and turbulence in storms, and even dark clouds but no tall clouds, thunder or lightning yet. I'm also curious if this is still a WIP (I know the entire addon is, but storms in particular)
  7. I have done several comparisons and find that I get appx a ~5fps drop in most scenes with 1.10, my average with it activated is 25-30fps, without is 30-35. I actually find that things like object density and shadows much more profoundly hit my fps. Interestingly for me FXAA does not seem to make more than a 1-2fps difference, so I can actually leave it maxed out in-sim without much of a difference thankfully. I run a 1080 and an 8700k.
  8. I think the bug is that the window is off-screen for XE, maybe making it hard to drag into place and access all the settings. I don't have this issue myself, but I do have wonky window placement for a few other addons. It might have something to do with resolution.
  9. Worked for me as well, thank you!
  10. Instant purchase the second I saw the release. Thank you guys! Can't wait to explore.
  11. Thanks for this, I've scoured every other forum and thought of building my own list. I found Threshold's news to be the most informative of upcoming releases to it figures someone here is already on it!
  12. Hi everyone. First of all, I'm really excited to see Threshold take off, it seems like a great community and the news portion is top notch. I got into flight simulation as a whole when I was fairly young. I had an early iteration of MSFS on our second home desktop which took up something like 70% of our hard drive at the time (go figure, with addons in 2019 it still does.) I then got into combat games/sims via Strike Commander followed by the Jane's series (specifically AH-64D Longbow and the Fighters Anthology collection.) From there I continued along the MS path, flying every iteration
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