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  1. Impressive shots @Captain Kitten! Thanks for the frequent updates ?
  2. @Captain Kitten Looks quite impressive indeed. Keep up the great work ? I haven't used Xenviro fully since XP10, and had some issues in XP11 that I never were able to solve, most likely due to other add-ons that weren't compatible, but it looks like the hard work put in the last year is starting to show off, so it's going to be interesting to follow the progress in this forum. I like that we now have four serious, passionate and skilled developers working on weather/environment solutions for X-plane 11. We will cheer you all across the finish line as this will help one side of the sim that is in much need of major overhaul. Thanks!
  3. Torbjørn

    FlyAgi Sceneries

    Wow @FlyAgi. This is quite impressive indeed. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hi all! Yes, I fully agree with @Tex-Twil. When I heard that Threshold was opening its own forum, I was pleasantly surprised. I've enjoyed all the great articles written in this site, and I believe this forum is going to be a great addition to the X-plane community. Congratulations @Captain Kitten on releasing the forum. If there is any way we can contribute making this a success, please don't hesitate to ask ? Sincerely Torbjørn
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