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  1. Do we have any early benchmarks using Xenviro with Nvidia RTX 3080 - ?
  2. its a fact, without doubt, that clouds in 1.14 are on a total new level - far more realistic than all previous releases. Looking for X-plane 2021 with Xe 1.15...
  3. From my observation, i see that xenviro renders the clouds not as individual objects, but as one object that is covering a big grid cubical area, that is why some square clouds used to appear. further to this, i could see sometimes a form of pattern, like the under-carpet weaving. as a scan in 3d space is run in order to generate a hologram. whereas i perceive that in msfs, each cloud is a separate object that has its own properties of growth, in a fashion similar to what "rex environment force" is doing (at least how they control size of clouds) the parameter that controls si
  4. as a developer myself, i can say and see that xEnviro development has nothing to do primarily with Vulkan, that is never the issue, but it has more to do with perfecting volumetric noise particles to look like real clouds and mutli-phase optimizations needed to be done prior to sending the frame for rendering to graphics api. even if it is using vulkan api which is exposed by laminar to plugins developers, (which by the way no plugin-developer can tress pass to send direct rendering calls to the universal frame buffer), therefore even if xenviro is on vulkan today, nothing would considerably c
  5. Based on the last snapshots, i can see a level of cloud details never seen before , the formations of vapor(cloud) spread are more realistic - something that i knew you had it right from day zero mathematical formulas wise, but were not able to push in earlier releases unless you resolve on the performance optimization paths .... even though these are not representing final product, but congratulations .. the incremental effort is tangible over time. Based on above screenshots, XE engine can produce these clouds easily (similar to below photo), albeit there are still limitations in render
  6. Re-attaching, after fixing exposure via Photoshop --- WOW
  7. I am an AI backed smart Robot, i can easily differentiate between school buses, motorcycles, cars, chimneys, crosswalks and traffic lights puzzles, but i need to train more on new cloud patterns in XE 1.14
  8. We are eagerly anticipating the next appetite enticing progress update for XE 1.14 - inclusive of all technical wizardry - (along with new royalty free screen shots to replace my current desktop background)
  9. Seriously, in 2021, there is a new hardware generational leap with Navi 20 and GTX 3080 TI promising extra 50% tflops, and faster cpu's IPC and clock speed . This will give a lot of performance headroom, which would allow side by side to spice up the rendering pipeline to increase the quality, we are yet to see the focus road-map of laminar after they finish perfecting the Vulcan stutter-less implementation ... fingers crossed. Serious simmers will have the investment worthwhile into a proper pro-level rig.
  10. Hello Sergio, Are you having access to x-enviro 1.14 ? Come on - confess - no worries - Captain Kitten wont mind.. Cheers
  11. Last Two Snapshots ARE SO REAL - Keep Amazing us
  12. We look forward to have x-enviro be able to exhibit this level of realism. Preview Here...
  13. Just a thought, Guess the main challenge in the VOXEL based rendering is the VOXEL Density and its pressure on the GPU resource.. Talking about performance optimization paths ... have you considered the abstract concept of: De-Voxeling and Sub-Voxeling. For example, Say a cloud is far from camera, then with some calculus derivations (or utilization of a cloud boundary gizmo as mnemonic and derive a mesh or multiple globule meshes to reproduce it ) you could de-voxel it (decrease the count of voxels and offload the GPU and gain more performance - and rather render it with help o
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