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  1. Hello Sergio, Are you having access to x-enviro 1.14 ? Come on - confess - no worries - Captain Kitten wont mind.. Cheers
  2. Last Two Snapshots ARE SO REAL - Keep Amazing us
  3. We look forward to have x-enviro be able to exhibit this level of realism. Preview Here...
  4. Just a thought, Guess the main challenge in the VOXEL based rendering is the VOXEL Density and its pressure on the GPU resource.. Talking about performance optimization paths ... have you considered the abstract concept of: De-Voxeling and Sub-Voxeling. For example, Say a cloud is far from camera, then with some calculus derivations (or utilization of a cloud boundary gizmo as mnemonic and derive a mesh or multiple globule meshes to reproduce it ) you could de-voxel it (decrease the count of voxels and offload the GPU and gain more performance - and rather render it with help of approximating shaders that take into account some parameters of opacity sub-surface scattering The Vexel Object is not a hull - the Mesh object is hull and empty from inside - so the smart shading like (sss) as well as ray-marching approximations works to give impression of being volumetric . Whereby all above is done while still maintaining the overall cloud dimensions , form and shape).... technically converting it into a Mesh rather than a Voxel object with any approach you seem fit.. Whereby you still need to maintaining a two-way logical path to convert it from a mesh into a dense Voxel object "The Sub-Voxelation") whereby it should in theory work like tessellation .. i mean in a Dynamic fashion. whereby the Sub-Voxelation is activated only for cloud objects of x-distance from camera (not from airplane).. we focus on the eye of beholder. In comparison, the clouds of True sky library and fs2020 seem to be using such techniques... am not sure at all.. But the ideas of coming up with a Hybrid of techniques and blend them in a smart way seems to make sense... Now when an airplane comes very close within a range of say 5 kilometers , then you would voxelate these clouds as you please at the granular level that achieves the visual fidelity and acceptable noise level - all done without putting a strain on the GPU like before.. for Full Modelling or Half Modelling approach.. Frankly the clouds in P3Dv5 look great from far distance and ugly from low distance . (similar issue with fs2020 to an extent) i think making a hybrid cloud modeling approach would be a win-win for an efficient volumetric clouds real-time rendering pipeline The shader-based cloud volume is having advantage of being fast in performance such as: But after all, nothing comes close the the REAL thing (the Voxel Approach is the Mother of all Volumetric clouds provided the GPU hardware can handle take it... i think we need to wait for Navi 21 and GTX3080 TI to witness a new era of what is possible) Hope my coffee is doing good as Andrey's bania ruska.. Final Note:: I have mixed up the Term Texel and Voxel... my intention was about Voxels and not Texels. Therefore, all "Texel" words been replaced by "Voxel" now.
  5. In theory it should work having Vulkan Settings Enabled. However, this does not mean that X-Enviro is actually using the Vulkan render pipeline. The answer to that is found on Laminar Dev Blog whereby OpenGL Drawing Calls are still served by calling the right API Ref: https://developer.x-plane.com/2020/02/cloud-add-ons-and-vulkan-episode-iv-a-new-hope/ That Area seems a work in progress and might require some sort of code optimization by the plugin developer to clear out any rough edges... Correct me on that..
  6. Captain, In General, per my humble observation, the clouds in XE look more opaque than they should be.. Shouldn't the cloud particles (at voxel level) be having a bit more inherent translucence (just one extra little nudge)? The accumulation of more volume/density would then naturally compensate to decrease that effect in the more bulky parts of the cloud, and build up opaque effect that still exhibits more authentic rendition of internal light diffusion. I think it is worth experimenting, as it will give the clouds a more transparent edges and light diffusion effect. ref: https://www.globe.gov/web/s-cool/home/observation-and-reporting/cloud-visual-opacity Best Regards
  7. The Clouds in FS2020 are rather designed at MACRO level (excuse me Captian, i should not be posting fs2020 screenshots here in this forum - but just for demonstration purpose.) by giving emphasis on appearance of big cloud volumes, and less emphasis at detail and close zoom views... this approach makes less demand on hardware and optimized for performance today. The Clouds in XEnviro are rather Optimized at Micro Level by focusing at the building block - the voxels - and thus giving them control at detail level .. and how it add up to the final big picture this approach is destined to give better physical cloud rendition and appearance after all. - but is more demanding in terms of hardware and properly optimized rendering pipeline. i have never found this level of cloud-closeup detail except in Xenviro ... Overall, X-Plane is more of a simulator of real-world aero-dynamics - despite its lag in graphics. X-Enviro is following the same school of real-world phycial behavior. Both X-plane and X-envrio are now at a maturity level of catching up graphically ... and THAT IS SO FAR THE BEGINNING .... I also notice the x-enviro team have under their sleeves a big horse that is not yet set free, what they produce in lab seems far superior than what they commercialize, i think that is due, their approach to build the cloud models from the grounds up ... (in contract with FS2020) .. gives them the stronger hold in the digital air atmosphere ... ---------- Lastly, see this place in Northern Turkey - in the nearby of TRABZON airport, Yesterday their was a live stream for Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Trabzon Airport - recorded with X-Enviro 1.13 .... The Rendering of X-Enviro was very beautiful as it came close to how the clouds are forming in that region.. watch from 1:45:00 up to 2:11:00 with replays ... really awesome ... Good Job X-Enviro Team.
  8. Release 1.14 is BY FOLDS much better than all what we have seen so far from XEnviro. This is a total new raised bar ... keep it up for the love of sky has no limits ... we hope for Milky way clear Night Environment with HDR lit Stars Sky Dome.. Switching to good old OpenGL for now ....
  9. i can see a New Dawn of XE is coming up ... Gulp...
  10. The formation of the upper clouds is SO-REAL
  11. The clouds formation in 1.14 are clearly looking much better than 1.13 -- when viewed from above ... As overall tuning is still in progress, cloud shadows need be a bit less intense. Also, I am loving as well the weather depiction for low-level clouds in the airport (version 1.13) - as demonstrated by this video, and hope to see snapshots for similar weather environment similar to this video ... I hope XE also to provide water-shader presets ... really the water shading in x-plane belongs to 'DirectX 9' old days... and completely outdated. Also the sun-flare is very strong and way too hazy, i thinks it needs to be played down a bit.. Keep amazing us.. and thanks for the great updates.
  12. This is shaking the early expected crown of FS2020 ... I have no more words to say - except that am loving what am seeing. Laminar should really be proud of you... REALLY. Awaiting Vodoo magic algorithm to render Godrays emanating through the cloud layers ...
  13. This is a short guide for the Geeks out there Get yourself a Digital Humidity Sensor or a Hygrometer - such as: https://www.amazon.ae/s?k=hygrometer&i=pets&crid=1OHPQKSP39R6F&sprefix=hygro%2Cpets%2C259&ref=nb_sb_ss_fb_1_5 Keep in Mind, as a reference frame of planning that Humans can be comfortable within a wide range of humidities depending on the temperature—from 30–70%—but ideally between 50% and 60% (Read more : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relative_humidity) Also, if you have kids, usually parents use some sort of Humidifier for babies, (very important for good sleep and to prevent flu) ... there is a relationship between dry skin and dry lips and dry throught with viral infections such as Flu, and even Corona ... therefore, as a reminder ... do use a room humidifier, this will be a favor for your kids and yourself... (reference - you may relate the the commend of Dr Mike Video below - subject: Doctor VS Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories ) Once you setup your water chiller cooling system, (preferably in living room or work room - not in bedroom !!) You need to have your Digital Humidity Sensor or a Hygrometer reading (in that work environment) and relate to the table below to match it with the workable target cooling temperature of the water chiller .. Example: Assuming you have Humidity Control in your Room set for 35% ... then you need not configure the Water Chiller below say 15 °C in order to avoid water dew forming on the pipes and dripping on the motherboard (and thus damaging or short-circuiting your pc). BONUS CORONA VIRUS ALERT Do Not Be Tempted to do extreme low Humidity Control with aim to reach deeper cold levels near zero (minimum 4 °C - as far as the water chiller allows) with aim of having headroom for better overclocking !!! If you are having Humidity below 30% - this will cause dry skin - and dry cracked skin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xeroderma) Dry Skin exposes self to Viral Infection ... including Corona ... This is what the doctors say about that ... and how it relates to the matter.. Ensure a healthy Multi Vitamin intake, Enjoy the Flight Simulator Best Moments..
  14. Just a radical suggestion - guaranteed to boost speed - and works for CPU/GPU overclocking and good water cooler units - three options Aquarium fish tank chiller for water temperature control adjust Hailea HC Series Chiller HC-150A Aquarium fish tank chiller for water temperature control adjust Hailea HC Series Chiller HC-300A Aquarium fish tank chiller for water temperature control adjust Hailea HC Series Chiller HC-500A <<< More Powerful ... there are ever more powerful models - need to do some googling .... https://www.amazon.ae/Aquatic-product-aquarium-chiller-temperature/dp/B07V3NMHWH/ref=sr_1_18?keywords=water+chiller&qid=1585157193&sr=8-18 Ref:
  15. Thanks for sharing the new shots.. I have a general question - (irrelevant to the above post) -- "Do you employ a Logic whereby clouds nearby the camera in a certain radius have more detail and definition - and further clouds given less detail and definition ---- in order to gain on overall performance and quality?"
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