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  1. B60 screenshots - feels cold up there - where is my parachute !!!!
  2. This rough effect above the clouds layer is just fantastic
  3. We are really looking forward to see what B58 is holding for us.... Have a good night. The real photo (non-simulated) captures a lot of effects .. which we hope XE will provide towards release - or subsequent post release updates - as we know nature is always ahead of us. we are happy with where this platform is heading....
  4. i have a feeling that overtime, as the product matures, by virtue of the voxel based approach to render the clouds; you could propably tap in nvidia physx accelaration to deform the clouds as the airplane cuts through them... Infact today i was shocked to find that over the last few years only few titles only have actually utilized the GPU acceleration for physics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_games_with_hardware-accelerated_PhysX_support some critical questions in my mind as follows: what are the components in the weather system that can make use and tap that physx engine ? - Cloud deformation by winds for example !!! nvidia has made Physx open-source recently - and clearly Nvidia Hardware have advantage to accelerate that - and it can fall back to CPU for those who dont have NVIDIA... i know that x-plane itself at its core is not tapping that area either --- (actually we dont want them to model airplane crash either like in arcade battle games ) - but rather i mean in terms of simulating the flight model physx - which is pure physics in any way..... overall, i feel this is an area with potential to increase performance and needs some rethinking maybe to better utlise that and squeeze more frames per seconds out of better balanced utilization of hardware acceleration. key Areas which might benefit include (as far this is a weather depiction addon-system is concerned in contract to the scope of core-xplane)::: cloud deformation to winds cloud deformation due to airplane fly-through live tornado cloud formation voxel based rain drops hitting fuselage voxel based rain drops hitting the windscreen and calculating vectors of water drop movement as it decays based on wind direction and glass shape approximations (for efficiency and speed) voxel based rain drops hitting the runway with subtle splash effect. simulate runway mirage effect..based on heat weather readings (maybe) actually all kinds of movement physics can be applied to one single voxel --- and around that basis - all opportunities are limitless. Thanks for the screenshots and updates.
  5. Frankly - This view - dwarfs all other weather depiction systems currently available in the market. It just feels you are there --- REALLY SOARING HIGH INSIDE HEAVY METAL >>> THE ONGOING TUNING FOR THE ENGINE IS GRADUALLY SHOWING UP -- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORKS AND THANKS FOR THIS AWESOMENESS.
  6. Sooner or later XE will look something like this Photo.... This new Engine is destined for surprising us .... as far as hardware acceleration can go...
  7. Ahoy Captain Magnus SHEER MAGNIFICENCE ! X-PLANE LIVE - LIKE NEVER SEEN BEFORE -- WOW !!!! my comments this is never seen before effect - only possible with true volumetric voxel-noise-based technology - whereby the wing is fading in the myst of clouds t this cloud formation and overall color tuning is very realistic and never seen before as well the horizon blending is as natural as it can be -- overcoming all the issues of old-technology depictions -- -a well deserved overall color tuning.
  8. i am building a habit of revisiting this web-page every day to see the latest screenshots. funny that xe.com mistakenly got cached somehow and showing up whenever i search for this page -- i really forgot all about "Bookmarking" can you publish Dawn/Dusk/Twilight views for a sneak peak view - yes am sure any snapshot is presented as WIP.
  9. i can wait for a couple of years for that . you are doing great and we appreciate all the hard work done. since it is a simulation platform - there is always room for something - as far as hardware can take -- i guess we have to wait for second-gen HW. inspirations goes on. i am a middlware developer - at least i can really appreciate the hard-work being done to make XE what it is today. afterall, suffice and happy to hear that night environment is coming at a later update. this blends well with the product scope. Cheers
  10. an airplane traveling at night has higher chances of seeing bright stars in the sky dome - as the plane travels above the light-polution caused by cities and above the clouds and air-pollution layers like those in mexico Is XE road-map having any plans to replace depiction of night sky stars with more bright glow - as i think that is really missing as the sky seems very shallow. already there is an addon https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/25170-star-bright-101/ but i feel that addon is just a bunch of white pixels - nothing more - it lacks feeling of deep space starry-night assuming a clear sky you would be able to see these rates in principle. However, you will always be limited by the appropriately called limiting magnitude, which is a measure of sky brightness. Light pollution will prevent many objects with an insufficient magnitude to be seen. Light pollution doesn't only constitute light directly from synthetic light sources, but reflective light from the moon as well. If you view the sky in an open space with little to no light pollution, you will see about a thousand times more than when viewing the sky in a city area. Bigger meteors can be seen anywhere, but to see the smaller ones you do need to view from a dark spot. Many meteors constitute magnitude +5 or above, which require binoculars to be viewed depending on the viewing conditions. Theoretically on perfect dark sky conditions, you could see around 45.000 stars with a magnitude of +8, whereas in practice in the center of a city, one can see only 200–500 stars of magnitude +4 or less. Stars are point sources of light and as such they can be seen at a lower magnitude than meteors of the same magnitude, which spread the light. But the difference in stars between perfect viewing conditions and inner city viewing conditions is 99,56–98,89%. As such, you can also expect the total number of meteors seen (whether during a meteor shower or a conventional night) to drop dramatically in correlation with the amount of light pollution. The average sporadic meteors seen will increase over the year, with 4–8 meteors per hour in the evening and 8–16 meteors in the morning twilight by September. https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=1&lat=2362121&lon=-456495&layers=B0FFTFFFFFT and last but not least - would be great to add more life to it by having shooting stars
  11. I have to admit, you keep surprising us now and then with setting an ever better record. my comment on last screenshots - the fine-tuning despite being less noticeable - but truly they add an impact snapshot 1 -- like a photo camera snapshot 4 -- never before clouds looks so real in all other weather systems across platforms after having the sun-set at twilight light levels from above the clouds snapshot 6 -- marvelous overall tones - but spotted a clear line separating the clouds at the right edge. snapshot 7 -- very classy environment color toning showing both on 3d-building and airplane -- but am not sure if the land-mass is lacking the reddish gold cast - (maybe it shouldn't depending on PBR materials and light diffusion physics ) Keep up the good works
  12. This beautiful cloud formation cannot be complete unless the waters below gives it the due respect. see https://youtu.be/MtGsltlAdVI?t=1948 (at minute 32 onwards they have shown of what to come)
  13. Wohaaa, what a scenic surprise .... Now this is Alice in the Wonderland .... other weather systems should seriously look over this with envy ... they might have to marathon for a couple of development years to chase after this... i would really think as a father, that the best thing i would give my kids is an xplane+xenviro rig, coupled with a: 210 degree horizontal FOV, 130 degree vertical FOV Natural peripheral vision in VR for truly immersive experiences (https://www.starvr.com/products/) ... or.... a 180 degrees projected-view on top of a 6dof motion platform (https://youtu.be/NAVOKwebrs8) i cannot imagine the value of these technologies separated from each other - this is a perfect blend. having looked closer at the screen shots -- you only need a realtime AI de-noiser post processing filter that affects only the clouds layers - rather than trying to smooth the clouds further - i presume. overall frankly ... could not imagine to see such nice views in a flight sim ever ... this means our senses are intoxicated by the falsies of the past.
  14. Am actually impressed that : you have managed for "real time with smooth transitions between metar updates and sector metar data." you have decided a no-go-back for the old school of 2d-bill-board ----- you are on the right track and made the right decision. About the performance break-even of resolution/quality versus performance/usability - am sure the dead end frontier could be worked around in many ways today- without having to wait for relative 2nd generation hardware from today as follows: allow for custom-fine-tune-performance-presets - so that users with latest and greatest rigs can better utilize their hardware to the maximum where graphics hardware has AI acceleration - do auto-enable realtime AI denoising post-processing effect - such Machine learning denoising technology can be based either: -- https://developer.nvidia.com/optix-denoiser -- http://www.cgchannel.com/2019/01/intel-releases-open-source-denoiser-open-image-denoise/ (this is vendor independent and CPU based - could be run on different core. ) -- https://www.develop3d.com/features/radeon-prorender-accelerating-gpu-rendering-AMD As for the pastel painting effect - am loving it for a reason... reminds me of monkey island clouds system
  15. Am not sure if it is proper to post this question in this section - but here goes :: I was analyzing the differences between the following two specific videos - basically comparing xenviro 1.10 versus new REX sky environment. (RSE) yes i know they are different platforms - but really interested to bring this up - as i think they have lots of features in common.... . ... versus ... . Based on my own observation - it seems to me that exnviro is doing a better job --- any thoughts or more educated clarification would be appreciated form the experts. it seems RSE is doing for p3d -- same what xenviro is doing for xp apparently both are bringing seamless live weather transformation in a transitional manner over time (to avoid sudden appearance of clouds caused by updated weather data) does xenviro 'morph' weather status gradually if it receives new weather reading to avoid non-realistic sudden appearance/disappearance of cloud objects. does xenvrio affect scene color based on weather mood - as in RSE ? Thanks
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