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  1. Absolutely Stunning --- Thank X-enviro !!
  2. The latest screen shots are majestic ... really surpassing 1.10 by folds.... it looks like 2020 is going to be the year of transformation for the flight sim .... apart from msfs2020, i see that x-plane platform is going to catch-up very soon due to their Vulkan engine updates being ready and perfected in the backdrop ... and having an addon such as x-enviro 1.12+ (i start my count from 1.12 as it seems to be narrowing the gap with msfs2020 )..... out of this, i would ask the devs the following: if msfs2020 having support for more than 30 layers of clouds with good performance on Directx11 ... why would x-enviro only have only few for now.... what are the avenues in x-plane engine that limit the hands of x-enviro developers .... is Laminar planning to make your work easy and open all blockages to give you free-hand to express the full potential of future x-enviro releases .... Keep up the good works... and we trust the race is on... and you can really make x-plane platform compete or out-match msfl2020 - which honestly has set a new benchmark for the industry on a clean fresh green landscape platform fresh from the grounds up..
  3. Despite our eyes leaning towards what 1.11 and 1.12 will bring, still though 1.10 continues to amaze us. opening this snapshot contest was one of wisest decisions at this stage to let us appreciate the amount of work done and put into 1.10 despite of known issues - it still looks like a master peace. thanks all for their contribution.
  4. Hey, its raining over-there........
  5. The above screenshots - BY FAR - from first glance - are at a TOTALLY WHOLE NEW LEVEL than initial release of 1.10 -- and MUCH SUPERIOR than before --- and Look MORE NATURAL. Overall, bringing a whole New Breath in the XP world.... Wow.... GREAT JOB. The forms of clouds has really evolved and is maturing as we see. ------------ My wish for next iteration: along with anticipated enhancement work on night environment - is to have the light scattering on clouds during sunset and sunrise to look more natural..whereby clouds get a pink-color treat effect as being let from below...
  6. screenshot is lovely and lively we are on the get-set...
  7. above screenshots of clouds in 0.10 still look great today even today. a very convincing view.
  8. A few question Kaptain, Thanks for sharing the 1.11 screenshots, i can see you are revising the drawing board to leap to the next level... GREAT STUFF.... while am sure the team is busy with optimization and promised features wrap as per published road map... I have a rather fundamental question about the formations of clouds.. irrelevant to any specific build carrying on right now.... My questions: Can you enumerate what cloud types do you plan to support with the volumetric rendition? Apart from Clouds, do you plan to implement volumetric visualization for tornadoes/thunderstorms? How do you give the clouds their final looks? is it based on Thermodynamics Mathematics referenced to METAR data (usually requires more intensive calculations) is it based on Visual Approximation Algorithms referenced to METAR data (more performance and lighter weight ) Above question came to mind after reading: http://www.markmark.net/cloudsim/ A paper referring to physically-based, visually-realistic interactive cloud simulation. modeled using partial differential equations describing fluid motion, thermodynamic processes, buoyant forces, and water phase transitions. ---------------- Much excited about 1.11..... 1.1x
  9. Having watched that video - Austin seems to give you his best support - as far as they are able to stretch themselves at LS at this stage....
  10. You deserve a good rest - and best compliments for the achieved milestone thus far.
  11. About Vulkan Have you had chance to work on Vulkan/Metal internal test - similar to ORBX alongside any early performance results . or is that completely not a priority for 1.11 (probably for 1.12) By the way, we are eager to have updates for 1.11.... Thanks
  12. This is a very big surprise for the flight sim community, wow.... https://stormbirds.blog/2019/06/09/microsoft-makes-surprise-flight-simulator-announcement-at-e3/ Microsoft Flight Simulator - E3 2019 - Announce Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReDDgFfWlS4
  13. I guess that is not quite odd-enough We seem to have as well some unique square icebergs in nature too..
  14. Could this be the Ultimate Card for XE 1.1x ? Despite that DUO card is now debuted for MAC only -
  15. i hope that we can get a sneak of useful results from developer performance profiling tools such as: NIVIDA: https://developer.nvidia.com/performance-analysis-tools https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28138494/cuda-profiler-calculate-memory-and-compute-utilization AMD: https://gpuopen.com/gaming-product/radeon-gpu-profiler-rgp/ This would indeed help in optimizations plans to work around bottlenecks and get the best of GPU Hardware Acceleration.
  16. A question regarding volumetric noise-based cloud rendering technology performance - Thanks for the fresh-cut release - the youtube is now starting to blister with uploads for XE 1.10 - very nice videos. Along the way, we start to see the kind of outstanding issues that you referred in your status articles - such as shimmering noise on cloud ends. My Question is: Since this is a GPU intensive noise-rendering - may we breakdown further the real bottleneck in the rendering pipeline - and which next-gen graphics vendor do you think is going to make the biggest improvement. to make myself more clear --- in trying to point finger to the major playing bottleneck that limits the infinite potential of greater visual & performance dimensions: is it mainly the Memory Throughput on the GPU? is it mainly the compute capability - i.e. : Number of Cuda Cores (nvidia) / or Processing Streams (on AMD) ? is it mainly the Geometry Pipeline ? is it mainly the Shading Pipeline ? is it mainly the PCI Bus bandwidth limit - not depending on compute/graphics performance ? (see video below which demonstrates how alone PCIe 4.0 pushed the envelope - seems very much relevant with voxel-based technology for me -- who knows this might resolve all the performance issues due to saturation of PCIe in gen 3.0 with that specific use-case) watch from 4:15-4:45 We know it is early to judge - and know that you are working to explore the performance profiling aspects. Thanks again for this awesome deliverable.
  17. In referring to the future planned "night environment enhancements": This is a small wish list to bring more life to that spatial environment: Aurora effect for north/south regions: https://spacetourismguide.com/best-places-see-southern-lights/ this work well with volumetric voxel-based visualization model. accurate moon/sun motion model - capturing solar/lunar eclipse - red moons - blue moons... Meteor Showers or random meteor fireworks over landmark cities. different types of lightning : intra-cloud / ground to sky / sky to ground Maybe sometime towards XE 1.11 (wishful thinking)
  18. These screenshots really made my breakfast.
  19. Based on above discussions, we can comfortable establish the XENVIRO 1.10 is GPU dependent. a futuristic dual NV-LINKED GPU setup RTX 2080 TI (with Vulkan) -- i wonder about wonders it can make - and really hope XEN will scale-up automatically - in both or either of the two folds (maybe user preference): performance quality
  20. A quick comment on the performance tuning aspect,,, whereby the blurring effect to hide the grain is indeed helping out --- i wanted to say that it is worth to superimpose an unsharpen mask after the blur this helps maintain sharp clouds with less grain ... corona render in 3dsmax - adopts such a live post-processing effect/technique just sharing my thought
  21. Thanks for the aspiring new screenshots. Interesting, Can you please shed some light on areas of 'friction' with the sim engine limits that currently challenge and affect the development decision to try to maneuver and work-around . we know the folk a Laminar are at stretch now to get the Vulcan on its legs ,,, so that we community will start raising our poll voices to promote enhanced revisits on the SDK that relates to weather engine.
  22. this would really show-case the unique features and power of the engine - i do vote for having a preset ability like that.
  23. for a moment i was dragged to gaze at the giza ground scenery then i remember - i should rather gaze at the giza sky environment -- i figured my brain was satisfied with the skies this time and point of attention was thus point downwards....hmmm...
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