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  1. I've always been fascinated with aircraft. My first time in a simulator was when I visited my uncle in Florida. He was in charge of the flight simulators for Eastern Airlines. He took me to check it out. From then on I was hooked. Thinking if I ever was rich I would buy me one. Unfortunately that never happened. When I purchased my first desktop I was looking for software and saw MSFS98 and picked up a copy. From there it was FS2000, then FS2004, then FSX. The problem was always no matter what computer I had, the sim just didn't run as well as I'd like. One day I was in a store and picked up a copy of XP9. It was quite different than FSX. No airports. Just runways . Every thing was different. Went back to FSX. I was getting frustrated with FSX and decided to try XP 10. after working with it for some time decided it was much better to use. I've been a Xplane supporter ever since.
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