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  1. Could the MSFS coverage be separated from X-Plane topics. Threshold was my go to site for X-Plane coverage, but now it is overwhelmed by MSFS which is understandable as it is so new. Personally, I have very little interest in the new sim, and want to know about the X-Plane world. This should be pretty simple. Best Dudley Brooke
  2. I was fed up with OOMs in FSX and wanted to fly in a 64 bit sim and have as many add ons as I wanted. I got XP 10 and the Jar Design A330 looked like the plane for me. back then it was very well thought of, and I still fly it occasionally. Unfortunately it hasn't kept up. I am sticking with X-Plane because I enjoy it, and all the add-ons I have.
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