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    Another great livery from "Fscabral" . I've been wanting a livery like this in my hangar for a long time now. I happen to be old enough to remember the days of Elvis Presley and real Rock n Roll. I have seen the real Convair 880 "Lisa Marie" many times. Although this is in the 737-700, I think EP would've upgraded to something like this at some point. Fscabral, you are surely talented with your livery painting skills. Thank you for your contribution to the X Plane community. Long Live Rock n Roll
    Once again, Fabio has shared his talent with us. A very nice upgrade for 737-700 .
    Very nice livery ! I have looked for private livery repaints and they seem to be hard to find and usually are not good quality or should I say to my liking. Well worth the download !
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