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  1. Does it align the ap buttons to the correct spots?
  2. I’ve been wanting this since the plane was released!
  3. Request for: Cessna 172 Bush Kit (https://propstrikestudio.com/products/172-mod-workhorse) Made by: PropStrike Studios Does the addon currently have a VR compatible yoke (does it move with touch controllers)? Yes, only ergonomic control (no vr tablet mounts) Does the addon have a VRConfig.txt in the root aeroplane folder? No Are there any switches broken? If so, how many? The autopilot buttons are offset, and one of the clock buttons seems offset (also some gauges have highlights when you hold the vr controller over them in'm not sure if this should be happening or not) Are there any knobs broken? If so, how many? The trim wheel has no manipulator, the key is very sensitive and hard to keep it in the start position, the fuel selector is about as sensitive as the key Does the addon have any teleport hotspots? No Does the addon have any touchscreen elements? No Are there any broken levers? If so, how many? The trim wheel doesn't work Any additional comments or things that might help: The plane uses some of the original default laminar 172, so most of it is already working in vr, just some minor fixes would really get this freeware plane fully functional in vr.
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