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  1. Hi Everyone I'm a little confused: I see, here on ThresHold, that the SAM/SAM2 plugin is free. But when I visit the Aerosoft store and/or the .org store, I see it available for US$19.99. So, which is it? I've downloaded it from here, but so far only two airports where I've landed at (YYZ & YYT) actually had it working. The plugin didn't work at others. Do I need to purchase it for it work at ALL (default) airports. FYI: I'm in XP11 version 41. Thanks, in advance, for clarifying.
    Is the SAM(2) plugin free? I see it for sale on both Aerosoft and the .org store. I've downloaded it from here, and it's not working on all airports. Please advise.
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