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  1. Speechless. I am speechless. The work and effort you have put into that addon the past year is amazing, just try to keep it up. Still everyday I visit xenviro.net and treshold too look for news and maybe even a release - been doing that since march, wow time has gone by quickly. Everyday we come closer to the release guys! I cannot wait anymore though. That screenshots looked amazing. Cant wait to fly through these clouds
  2. It is looking super awesome. I need to give a great thank you to you guys. The effort, work and passion you put into this product is just awesome. Looking forward to my first flight since 6 months, the only thing to keep me waiting is the release of that beauty. And, I now take my "bad words" completely back. I was a bit uncertain about the evolution of this product, but now I am certain, that THIS product was worth waiting for for so long. CANNOT WAIT Nick
  3. Tbh I would be happy with a release in a very near future. Imo the screens look very promising and as you said, work wont stop after the release. Its just my opinion and I am not referring to any wishes of other people, but if it was me that would be able to decide what to do, I would say release ASAP.
  4. Yeah, its okay, as I said, I can somehow understand that. Just wanted to say that I personally wasnt happy with that answer. And I get your point for sure. It arent really the clouds itself, but the last screenshot of b59 looks weird. The clouds are just not sharp, I simply dont know how to express what I am seeing Forget our little confrontation.
  5. Really, it wasnt meant as any form of hate...I just wanted to tell you that I liked the other ones more, they were sharper, dont know how to describe. You are so sensitive honestly, it was meant to be a help, a report, just wanted to share my opinion. Btw that b60 screenshot looked awesome. I try to tell you something and you all freak out. Thats not professional, especially as a seller. Nick And I still dont want to hate you, I understand that you are annoyed by some people. But thats not the right way to treat me and some other people. Really You are doing an incredible work which I do respect. But I expect you not to make fun of people, telling you how they like the current state of your product. Still looks awesome, but I can just say again: I didnt like the B59 screenshots that much.
  6. yeah and thats why i told them I liked the others more. Whats wrong with this?
  7. Honestly i dont like these clouds. The ones of i think it was b57 looked more natural and better
  8. Fingers crossed release during next week! Okay, time to get realistic :D What does need to be still done at this time? You reached the last chicane if the nordschleife? Cant wait man! Starting to loose sleep due to excitement xD Greetings Nick
  9. It is so, so f*cking amazing guys. Thank you. I love you all! You did a superb job on this. I am damn tired of waiting, but take your time. I cant just wait any longer to get into the skies with xE 1.10! Every morning I check if it is released! I have been doing it a few of months now, and am really excited. Thank you guys. You were very brave to decide to do this step, but it worked out. CANT WAIT!
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