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  1. Hello, i downloaded the latest SAM 2.0.0 excited to try it out, upon downloading it at first i did not see any changes at all, the same menu appears only with different fonts, i contacted the dev directly and told me to check if any sceneries had the pack (Especially Flightbeam KDPX which i own) i deleted that scenery, reinstalled SAM 2.0.0 and now the plugin does not appear in the game anymore, i am very confused, please help would be appreciated thanks! Log.txt will be attached Log.txt
  2. I'd like to request the new Air Transat A330-200 i've searched everywhere and it makes me question why nobody has done it yet! I think its amazing!
  3. Your work will always have a place in my heart, I am very aware of your current situation and I respect a lot your decision, family and health are more important in your case. We in the X Plane community will never forget your passion for the 737 Project. Farewell! And may god bless you and your family!
    Im giving it 10 stars without even downloading it (Due to an issue with the link) but i already know this aircraft has "amazing" all over it! Congratulations to the developers!
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