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  1. Right panel is ready and wide angle shot
  2. The yoke and left panel
  3. Geometry of Center Console is done!
  4. Trimming stuff is finished
  5. New Zealand (ortho4xp), SP-30. Screens are filtered.
  6. Hello, friends! I'm glad to Introduce you our ultralight aircraft SP-30 on this forum. What I have to say. The price is most cheap only here, in threshold's store, thanks to administrators. Description and store page is here: https://store.thresholdx.net/products/spectr-aero-sp-30 So, any questions or conversations. You are wellcome
  7. Small update - the beginning of work on overhead
  8. Finished remastered radio-operator's work-zone. Test screens from X-Plane
  9. This is remastered and textured gauges of front zone of the cockpit. Screened from X-Plane.
  10. It is not necessary to show all of old models. Here is one of them
  11. Hello, friends! Let's start this topic here I started this project long time ago and it was ready (visual model) at 50%, but it is too old for our time and I have to remake it all. Some screens in the next messages.
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