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  1. The yoke and left panel
  2. Geometry of Center Console is done!
  3. Trimming stuff is finished
  4. New Zealand (ortho4xp), SP-30. Screens are filtered.
  5. Hello, friends! I'm glad to Introduce you our ultralight aircraft SP-30 on this forum. What I have to say. The price is most cheap only here, in threshold's store, thanks to administrators. Description and store page is here: https://store.thresholdx.net/products/spectr-aero-sp-30 So, any questions or conversations. You are wellcome
  6. Small update - the beginning of work on overhead
  7. Finished remastered radio-operator's work-zone. Test screens from X-Plane
  8. This is remastered and textured gauges of front zone of the cockpit. Screened from X-Plane.
  9. It is not necessary to show all of old models. Here is one of them
  10. Hello, friends! Let's start this topic here I started this project long time ago and it was ready (visual model) at 50%, but it is too old for our time and I have to remake it all. Some screens in the next messages.
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