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  1. well hello and how do you do to each and every one of my fellow simulation pilots here on this site. allow me as the topic nods to; to introduce myself... I'm FDX a.k.a. Doug I am an "Infinite Flight Refugee" and a veteran of aviation simulation as I've been doing this since 1995. My first ever aircraft piloting type experience was (as I'm 35 come April 20th) the old school game "Top Gun" that yes, was made after the movie in the late 80's. I was drawn to aviation at an early age at an air show that was the second or third after the government of the U.S. had finally conceeded and admitted the F-117A Nighthawk did in fact exist [yes im old lol] I had seen that in person, as well as been very close to a harrier taking off and still remember both so extremely vividly... Anyways there's an intro and a small personal prior to simulation bg.. I had been for most of the mid part of 2018 and up until 7 weeks ago in the top 1-5 on the Infinite Flight leaderboards for landings in the three categorys (24hrs, 7/30 days) that were formerly represented [they no longer do leaderboards some say because of me and our 'tiff'] I had in the timeframe of March 2018 to Feb 2019 the staggering and now (infinite flight users en mass call me legendary I hated it) acquired amount of 5,300+ landings, over 1300+ hrs of flight time, and 1.3+ million xp on I.F. as I said a few sentences ago from late April-Mid or late June 2018 I was #1 on all 3 categories of the landing leaderboards, and top 3-5 for 4 consecutive months and even top 3 for 2.5 weeks after leaving in the 30 days category. I mainly fly and flew the MD-11F [im a BIGGGGG FedEx livery fan] and have continued that with the overland MD-11 [gosh i cannot wait for the Rotate version from what I've seen.] I'm here to make friends, learn from others and also teach the landing skills I've brought with me from Infinite Flight, where I've actually started to be better at landings here with its much more immense immersive experiences in aero, physics, and such than I had been or was on I.F.!!!! So I hope that was an adequate explanation and history of myself, my sim xp, and goals I realize this isn't a quiz, test, or entry exam but to be thorough is goooood ! so I should say however, I'm looking for folks to fly with I'd become very well known on i.f. prior to my departure, and if you all get the notion check out rednoseheavy on YT it's our channel i did with a good friend from germany, he directed i flew! we're actually up for an infinite flight youtube award for our version (personally told ffrom staff @ i.f. best one ever for and to be done on their platform) of Cpt. Sully's Amazingly Remarkable and written in lore legendary successful water ditching a.k.a the miracle on the Hudson (our video on YT is called hero's of the hudson) I look forward to getting to know you all take care and have a great remainder of your day/week!!! One last note if virtual Airlines exist over here on X-Plane I would very much like to be set up or directed towards a cargo VA if at all possible I very much prefer to fly cargo planes Thanks again, -Doug! "FDX" [I go by FDX or FD preferred]
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