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  1. Hi all. TL;DR started out with Novalogic, moved to FS2004, and recently into FSX, XPlane, Prepared. To cut a long intro short, I got introduced to simulators around 1997-98. My brother had got some game, when he came back from UK, Su27 iirc, and back then in the days of Windows 95 or was it 98? So it started out with combat sims, next was Fighting falcon from Novalogic, Mig 29 fulcrum, and similar combat flight simulators. Around mid 2000s, when Toonami used to be a thing, ads for Microsoft flight simulator used to be on. But wasn't able to source the game for the next decade, I'd say. And with me travelling from one place to another, it got difficult to sim. Around 2010 towards the later half of the year, I was given a Toshiba satellite L300 laptop. With 2 gigs of ram and 250gb hdd, atleast I could start simming, or so I thought. FS2004 got installed first, and I was hooked. I am more of a general/ commercial airliner kinda guy, so I was quick to give up on my fighter sims. This continued well into 2012,2013 when I got FSX via flipkart sale for just 10$. That too, it was the acceleration pack. However, I was in for disappointment, as my laptop wasn't upto the mark, when you consider the fact ,it only had intel onboard graphics. And FS2004 was nearly squeezing all the juice out. Then, I gave up FSX, but with FS2004, I was introduced to a great group of avsim fans, Skyspirit 2010/11 on facebook, who were very helpful, in helping me learn all procedures for ATC based flights, and also with the help of Teamspeak, we were able to carry out flights across the world. Recently came across my old videos with FS2004, you can see the condition I used to game in. If you read the comments also, people will be saying not on centreline etc. I had to guess the runway even before it was rendered completely. LOL. After that, once I finally had some earnings, went in for a gaming pc, and first thing i did was download FSX steam edition which was on sale at the time. And have been simming on and off, due to work / study pressures, as and when possible. Past few months, I've been on X-plane, with the Zibo mod keeping me entertained most of the time, and on and off PMDG 777/737 on fsx and prepared. Other than that my flying skills are very limited to these planes only. Not an expert by any means, only playing for the fun of it, and the fact it helps me keep my piloting dreams alive. Someday. How I came across this forum, was via Reddit, yesterday. Someone shared a screenshot of their X-plane with Xephyr preset, and I was desperate to try it out. Signed up, and my god does that preset work wonders. This is one video I made with that preset. I hope I managed to shorten my intro into the forum.
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