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  1. I'm talking about the one on the glareshield you can click and it shows it in 3D. I saw a video of a guy who changed it to his own custom checklist. There is a dds file in the objects folder but i can't open the file. Somebody know how do i change it so it shows my own custom pdf checklist?
  2. Hello, Really love this aircraft, love the detail. Only i found some issues: - Glare shield lighting is only working when looking at the cockpit panels under a certain angle. When i look right-downwards towards the instrument light controls it works but when i turn to look straight-forward the glare shield lights go dark. When i look around the cockpit randomly the lights flicker on and off. - G1000 2D popups center on mouse position every time you click instead of popping up in a fixed position (nor does it remember the last position). - G1000 2D popup cursor vanishes when mouse-over a button. (But i understood this is fixed for the next version already) Thanks for making these great planes!
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