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  1. @Marten@Stairport do you have any idea why this would be the case?
  2. Interestingly, the jetways DO show up in X-Plane, but for whatever reason no preview shows in WED, which makes placing them accurately almost impossible. I'm using WED 2.2.0 and X-Plane 11.41.
  3. I have deleted my install of SAM, redownloaded it through SAM Suite, copied the SAM_Library from resources > plugins > SAM > lib, into my custom scenery. Then gone into my airport in WED, chosen SAM_Library, and when I select any jetway, the preview is empty, and it places a ? when I place the object. I don't believe I'm doing anything wrong, but can someone please assist?
  4. The SAM_DeveloperPack also has the same issue with the Jetways not showing in WED:
  5. It is installed A couple show up correctly, (Type02_glas_5.0m and Type_02_solid_5.0m), but the others all show no preview and a question mark when placed. EDIT: I just realised the Developer Pack installs "SAM_DeveloperPack" in Custom Scenery too, but that does not show up in WED.
  6. I've been trying to add jetways to a scenery I'm developing, but none of the Jetway objects are showing up correctly in WED. All the jetways are in the library listing on the left side, but most of them don't show a preview, and when placed it results in a question mark symbol. It's strange because all the objects are actually in the Custom Scenery > SAM_Library > Jetways folder, but for some reason WED doesn't like them. Any ideas? I'm using WED 2.2 with X-Plane 11.41 and the latest version of SAM.
  7. Thanks @Marten@Stairport - the above aircraft.xml worked perfectly!
  8. Sorry to bring this up again, but with the latest version of SAM (updated just now), and the new release of the A350, also just updated, I am unable to connect to door L2, and the jetways are not in the correct place for L1. How can I fix this? I have downloaded the updated Aircraft.xml linked above, but the issue still remains. Door L2 does not appear as an option to connect to, and the jetways for L1 are incorrectly placed. I am using my own VVDN scenery https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/53661-vvdn-da-nang-international-airport-vietnam-sam-wt3-ready/
  9. This is the same for me - current version of SAM and the A350.
  10. I have successfully added SAM to the airport that I am currently developing, but decided to start again as I was unhappy with the gates I'd chosen and the docking guidance system. I removed all the gates in WED and re-added the correct ones (Type 2 Solid 5m), and did the same for the DGS. I downloaded the latest SAM update and installed that. Removed the SAM.xml file from my scenery folder and decided to start everything from scratch - but that's where the problems started. I can successfully add SAM to my scenery, and also author the gates, however they do not animate. I can "force
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