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  1. Thank you , yes exactly, you are absolute right. We will have to remind Captain Kitten after his return from Orlando...
  2. Hey ashman, great idea & greetings...BTW love your Phantom pictures, the second one is awesome
  3. Greetings, let’s continue this thread, which was created to show beta screenshots, with sharing pictures of the actual release of Xenviro 1.10. With the permission of Captain Kitten of course
  4. That's why I love XE: Real weather picture VS XE generated visuals at almost same time (15 min later)
  5. Hello Inexorable, thank you for your constructive comment. I hope that Xenviro continues to improve. I am using Active sky at this moment as a kind of flight/weather planner (great tool BTW), since I can not stand the default weather visuals/billboard clouds, clouds "popping" out in front of me etc. and not to mention the visuals of the other add on programs, which I have purchased and tested. One thing I really like about XE is the injected turbulence at right flight levels in combination with XPRealistic Pro which gives me quite immersive experience. I am not experiencing this with ASXP/weather injector and Xpalne11. Well since nothing and nobody is perfect, I guess there is still a lot of "room" for XE to evolve. Have waited 30 years for that god like weather engine for flight simulator and could wait another 30, but definitely not longer. Cheers
  6. 70 bucks for the only REAL weather ENGINE in Xplane11, with plenty of innovative, brilliant, immersive features; absolutely worth the money; makes Xplane11 a much better simulation. Once VR is out in the future, hopefully you will also be then able to experience this fantastic weather engine. Greetings
  7. First of all a huge thank you for all of your(teams) efforts. After 33 years of experience with flight simulators, I have never seen a weather engine like XE1.10 for flight simulation on PCs! This is product is absolute "high tech" and I have to quote/repeat one of the comments i have read earlier: XE1.10 converts actually Xplane11 to "Xplane12". And yes, I am quite excited...was testing since release...just awesome! The Xplane11 team should actually very much appreciate your product, which will become one strong selling point for them. Keep up the fantastic work & Greetings from a very satisfied user......Oh almost forgot to mention that FPS/frame rates are excellent.
  8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I LOVE 1.10!!!!!!! FANTASTIC product...and very good fps....Thank you for the hard work, and all the best for the future of XE! Now my Xplane11 sky is great again THANK YOU, you are true pioneers! Greetings to the XE team!
  9. Thank you Captain Kitten for the info regarding night sky. Nice to know that there will be a compromise and we will have the option to see stars in 1.10. Even I am still very happy with my 1.07 at this moment, BUT really looking forward to the the release of 1.10. Love this product!
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