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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated! Thank you for your transparency & keep up the good work!
  2. Thank you Bakr & ML alias CK very much for the very interesting conversation above and those insights described by CK. I truly believe in the power of xE but also I am sure that LR will never provide full access due to various reasons. Maybe LR has to learn it the hard way! They have their own agendas, priorities like going mobile, Vulkan etc.; I do not agree with their priorities, but it is also non of my business. I think that in the future they have to either spend more time, efforts and money on own resources or simply cooperate with selected, trusted partners and their genuine products like xE in our case, if they want to hold it up with Microsoft of course. Even Microsoft did not develop the new simulator with their "own own" team but got ASOBO, an external developer, EXPERTS in their field, on board to create a much better product. Austin Meyer said that with the arrival of AS-MSFS2020 the situation will be like back in 1993. Which means for me: Microsoft dominates the market and X-Plane is a niche product innovative in some areas. OK, even if I do not agree with him, I tell myself, no problem with that: for us the "flightsimmers", competition is the life of progress and will lead to better products, more customers, more interested people in "flightsimming" etc. and I will of course not forget that, once MS decided to abandon FSX - which was a shock for me, X-Plane simply continued and is today one main driving force for further development of "flightsimming". However I am so happy that we have xE, due to many reasons and the fact that the default weather engine of XP is horrible; "basically I could not imagine flying XP without XE" (feel free to use it as a slogan ). Can not deny that I am not looking forward to AS-MSFS2020, on the other hand I am very much looking forward to the further development of XP and of course xE. I strongly hope LR gets more involved with xE in the future: xE THE EXPERTS for environment simulation. @CK: keep up the super work, thank you for your restless efforts, your patience, your transparency and your time keeping us always informed. Much appreciated! Greetings!
  3. Thank you for sharing with us screenshots at this test stage and please continue doing so. Pictures look very promising. Forget about the haters; what we need is passion and optimism for the right progress. Have enjoyed xE since 1.06, Greetings!
  4. Auch nicht schlecht, guter Vorschlag
  5. Laminar should actually thank you for this and leave the weather part completely to you guys...however I THANK YOU and looking forward to the next update. Greetings.
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