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  1. Greetings. I am one of the long-time X-Plane designers, developing in PlaneMaker since version 2.67 in 1997. The Rutan Canard homebuilts need to be updated to 3D and VR. I have a R/L VariEze, have flown in/piloted Long-EZs and I'm building a Cozy Mk IV. I have an Oculus Rift Headset and I'm looking to buy a PC computer to use the headset with. I normally design using my 27" 5K Retina Quad Core iMac. I have designed roughly 175 different aircraft and spacecraft for X-Plane in 22 years. I started using flight simulators in the early 1980s. I built an FAA-approved Level 2 Helicopter FTD in 2003, replicating the Schweizer 300C. That system had five flatscreen displays and three rack-mounted PCs running X-Plane. Converting aircraft flight models for X-Plane to 3D and for VR appears to be much more difficult now than the simple 3D methods circa 2008. I am REALLY GLAD I found the SimVRLabs YouTube tutorials.
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