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  1. I think your problem might be that you've put in 19 as OAT in toper, from my understanding the thrust setting is not only calculated from selected temp but also from the OAT, and because the FMC and toper have a different value, they might come up with different thrust calculations
  2. I recently updated my zibo 737-800 and suddenly the heading knob disappeared. Also I can't fly the plane because my mouse is stuck on the clickspot of one knob (the turning counter clockwise symbol) I am guessing the heading knob, the bankangle knob is there however. I loaded in the 737-900 and it suddenly too had this problem, didn't go away after reinstall and restarted x plane and my pc multiple times. See the screenshot. https://imgur.com/a/avBSJbL my operating system is windows 10 home, I'm on xplane 11.25, I am currently uninstalling everything out off xplane to see if the problem persists.
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