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  1. I am working on a "Quota exceeded" error workaround. Should be out through next week (maybe).
  2. I am definitely aware of it. Unfortunately there's not much I can do at this point. The release executables are SFX archives packed by WinRAR (auto extracts to %appdata% and runs the actual executable from there), and it seems like antiviruses aren't very fond of that idea.
  3. That's what I thought, but easier said than done. Need to implement webbrowser etc into the installer.
  4. I might make the currently known workaround automated. It's something I've thought of, but I'm not 100% sure how to do it yet.
  5. Hi everyone. This is an automated installer for ZiboMod as well as the AudioBirdXP sounds. It allows you to click one button, and install the latest of both AXP and ZiboMod. It can be reran and it will automatically check if the latest version available is the version you've installed (however, that only works if you used this tool the last time you installed or updated the mods). The files which are downloaded are NOT mirrored, they are still hosted in their own same Google Drive folders. This means that Zibo and AudioBirdXP are also still in full control of their own releases. Q/A Q: I can't click Accept on the AudioBirdXP EULA page! A: This isn't a bug. The answer is in the EULA. Read it Q: My antivirus or Windows Smartscreen says this is a virus! A: This is a problem with newly released and unsigned software and it is a false positive. If an application does certain actions (like modifying files) and is unsigned, a lot of antiviruses warn the user that the file might be malicious. I assure you, however that the executable is entirely clean. The source code is open source, which means that anyone with suspicions can look through the code and see exactly what the program does. Q: Do I need to delete my manually installed version of the plane to use this installer? A: No, however it won't check if it's installing the version you have installed the first time you use it. Q: I think I've found a bug! Where and how do I report it? A: Bug reports are always welcome! On GitHub from the link below, there is a section called "Issues". Here you can publish your bug report. Before you publish your bug report: Make sure your bug has not been reported before! Look through the existing entries first. It is REQUIRED that you post your log.txt in your bug report. You can find this file in %appdata%/zibomodinstaller. It is REQUIRED that you post steps to reproduce (unless it's completely obvious) Download link: https://github.com/henrikx/ZibomodInstaller/releases
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