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  1. Magnus (and team), this is fantastic news. Remember, there will be "haters". Generally, my advice would be to ignore those people who offer no constructive criticism. Yet another group will be dissatisfied, but will offer constructive, fair, and sincere criticism. Those should be taken to heart, and considered for future updates. Finally, what you've done here is fantastic, groundbreaking, and setting the bar for any future weather engine in X-Plane. Just keep that in mind. You cannot have a perfect product on an imperfect platform. X-plane WILL evolve. It WILL improve. And so will the hardware standards among X-Plane users. As those things advance, so can XE. I thank you for your incredible effort and resilience, in what is already a fantastic product!
  2. Looking pretty decent AKD. Are you planning on your sceneries using all default libraries? Or will custom libs be required?
  3. You do realize how absolutely gorgeous your work is, right Magnus?
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