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  1. https://goo.gl/forms/Y351TGsnZBAANFcl2 First I want to hear what you have to say, any suggestions or comments you want to add follow this link. Coming To a Threshold store near you! The time has come for a version two of the original FSFR KBWI scenery. almost everything will be redone and the timetable is around the end of the year It’s been almost two years I think since the initial launch of BWI and after my work with the ultimate project and my work with attitude simulations it’s time for a update.... well more than an update. A completely new airport, everything has been redone which contributed to such a long delay. I’m also including highly detailed surrounding airports like (W18) suburban airport and Stevensville’s bay bridge airport. For KBWI here’s the feature list: Full Interior modeling... from Check-in to Gate Custom mesh (from Andras Fabian's HDv4 Mesh) because BWI is far from flat. Captain K-Man WT3 Compatibility 4K textures new custom ground equipment seasons 3D grass Full PBR and reflective ground work Custom lights Custom vegetation BUG FREE Custom autogates, Custom airport Marshaller FBO interior modeled. Configurator to adjust texture resolution, static aircraft and more. This area is one of the hardest on a system because Philly international, Harrisburg, Washington X, and nimbus IAD are within the load radius of xplane and the New York airports are just out side of it. Going from KDCA to KBOS (without bwi installed) with ortho completely maxed out my 1080ti’s vram. Performance is definitely going to be a challenge and with intensive testing we’re getting good results. I'm also going to need a few more "alpha-testers" to test performance
  2. yeah but given the -175's external PBR and i'm pretty familiar with differences between engines like IRAY and x-plane rendering engine, it's gonna be good
  3. we've taken the time out to do the HUD the right way, we're pushing it out as fast as possible without interrupting 737-700U
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