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  1. Installation instructions specifically says to "not" put it in the Laminar folder nor isn't recommended in the Extra folder. Try installing on the Aircraft folder
  2. Can you please certify that you don't have any A.I. on?
  3. How did you installed the Aircraft? Did you download 3.33 full + 3.33h?
  4. The pictures are not loading would you please use something like imgur? Also can you describe how you've installed the Aircraft?
  5. Hi, I couldn't get what you're trying to say. Every livery comes with it's own configuration and if you want to make changes to it you must save it through the 2nd page on the Main Menu on the EFB.
  6. That's due to the fact that you have a long direct. More info: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/111305-b738-800-modified/&page=1354&tab=comments#comment-1504795
  7. Could you try to use a more recent version? Make sure you download 3.31 full + 3.31j
  8. @mrmagician8787 Since the Airport doesn't have a SID. What should've been done is depart with HDG SEL then after being airborne you do a direct to the first waypoint
  9. Try making a new installation with the following files: B737-800X_3_31_full.zip and put B738_3_31f.zip on top
  10. Do you have at least: Your aircraft in a stationary state with either parking brake and/or chokes Fully powered by either GPU or APU
  11. Try loading the 747 then back to the 737 and see if it works. If not take the "preferences" folder out then try again
  12. We've just released the Pre Release version of 1810 for the 737-900. Reminder: Since this is a Pre Release this means that you'll easily encounter bugs. We've tracked most of the bugs so no need to report just yet For the link you just head over to the Download Link section. HAPPY FLYING ?
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