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  1. To all the painters: DO NOT update your liveries AGAIN just yet. We will try to revert back to an older tail version so the great cut (completely new textures & PBR) is clean. If it's not possible, a paintkit and new object will be released. In the course of the next week, paintkits for the fuselage and tail for the 800 will be published. So livery painters can adapt their existing liveries (or new ones can be created) before the larger update will occur. We will also put together the older files so there is a chance to make older liveries compatible (with the disadvantage of them not having all features) for the interim. The paintkits for engines and the wing variants can be taken from the general paintkits that are already available. The tail paintkit will apply for all 737NG aircraft.
  2. aaronwhite1786

    Blended split and bare naked...

    There's no set timeline. So "When it's ready".
  3. aaronwhite1786

    brakes stuck on 3.30b

    Worth noting that 3.30c is a Hot Fix and not a complete install. You still need 3.30b installed and you download the 3.30c files and then overwrite the files in your Zibo install.
  4. You are hitting it twice? I believe that's not what you'll want to do initially. Here's what you'll need to do, otherwise you'll damage your gear and get it stuck in the down position: 1. Usually when you hear "positive rate" you will hit the G button, or whatever that is on your joystick to raise the gear. The Gear lever in the cockpit will be up. 2. Once the gear is fully in the raised position you can hit G again and it should drop the gear level into the middle position where it is completely horizontal. This turns off the hydraulic pressure to the gear if I remember right, to let the pressure be used elsewhere. 3. On landing, hitting G again should drop the gear level to the down position, and you'll hear it drop into the windstream below the plane.
  5. Are you hitting it twice? There are 3 positions for the gear level. Up - Gear is raised. Middle - If I remember right turns off the hydraulics (you move the gear level to the middle after the gear is all the way up). Down - Gear is down. If it's only going to the middle I wonder if you're hitting it twice, or if maybe you need to check you key configs. I believe Gear Toggle should be what you're looking for, or something similar.
  6. So it's hard to say for sure, because we don't have a lot of information to work off of. Have you gone through the startup video over at the Tutorial section to make sure everything is properly setup? The first thing that I think will help is to make sure you've got the steps down for startup, setting up the autopilot and everything else. It's hard to say for sure what's causing what problem, but if you're starting with the engines running, you throttle up and take off, once you're in the air hitting G on the keyboard should bring the gear up. Does that work for you?
  7. So there's a lot to unpack here, and I'm not 100% sure what you might be doing. Are you starting from cold and dark, or are you starting with the engines already running?
  8. aaronwhite1786

    737 stuttering issue

    Does this happen in any other planes you might have?
  9. aaronwhite1786

    Suggesting features

    Yeah, definitely figured it would require some serious effort. I'll poke around and see what I can find just in the event that you all ever want to take a crack at it, but it seems the majority of what's floating around are promotional materials that pretty much just say "You can cram a ton of pallets in this thing!".
  10. aaronwhite1786

    Suggesting features

    One thing I just remembered that I've seen posted a lot over at the Discord server was a request for a freighter version of the 800/700. I know that would definitely require a decent amount of work considering the need to pretty much redo the internal/external models, but I thought I'd toss it in here as I know it's been a popular request at times.
  11. aaronwhite1786

    Twinkle twinkle

    You just made hundreds of Discord posters incredibly happy.
  12. aaronwhite1786


    May as well toss in the two I made: Fictional: Bare Metal American Airlines 737-900 Fictional: Current American Airlines 737-900
  13. aaronwhite1786

    Putting a shine on the rat...

    That LabRat livery is too perfect...
  14. aaronwhite1786

    Rashid winglets issue

    It looks like you're missing...a lot of files. I would re-download the 800 and then install it clean. Once you have that working then try to install the winglets. Before adding the 3rd party mod use the 800 as-is, to make sure it works. That being said, the Ultimate/Zibo team don't officially support any 3rd party mods, so you will have to reach out to the author of the mod if the issue persists.
  15. aaronwhite1786

    TOGA not working

    Hmm, well everything sounds correct in the setup process. Have you re-downloaded the latest version of the 800/900 just to make sure it's nothing missing with the install? It's odd that only that one feature won't work for you for whatever reason.

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