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  1. Version 1.0.1


    N806MD for the SSG E170 Actual Republic Airways livery, without branding for any airline. There are a few things wrong, which I plan to fix eventually. - Wrong fonts on fuse - Missing text behind aft door - Decals that are either the wrong color or shouldn't be there aft of the aft door - Missing text behind forward left door
  2. Speed_Limit75

    Speed_Limit75s Photos

    Photos taken by me while I fly aircraft
  3. Version 1.1.1


    This is a simple FlyWithLua script that changes your X-Plane background every time you start X-Plane. NOTES: - XRBG may not work the first time you go to start a flight with this. - Please read the README.md for specific installation & usage instructions
  4. Would it be possible if we could see BBJ variants of the 737NG family?
  5. Their responce is what they say all the time when people ask when stuff will come out. The reason why they say that is because its not done yet, and they dont know when it will be done.
  6. Will we ever get the AC panel thats on the -700? First image is what it looks like in-sim, and the second one is what it really looks like.
  7. This has probably been suggested before, but can we please have TCAS Climb/Desend instructions? I have done a couple flights with AI Aircraft and at FL350 I have had many almost hit me, with the TCAS at TA/RA and with no Climb/Desend instructions. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am aware of that, I just circled that part to show where the horizon is compared to the actual horizon.
  9. I am currently in the Zibo 737-800, a short flight from MMUN - KMCO. So my question is this: This this normal HUD behaviour? I circled where the HUD is marking the horizon, although the horizon does appear to be under it.
  10. Sorry, I misunderstood. The items refrenced at the 1:22 minute mark are not on the video, my bad.
  11. I do believe it is already in the UltimatProject, has I have done it before on some flights with the Zibo. If for some reason I am wrong about it being in the Ultimate Project, it would be nice to see it has a feature.
  12. I dont think its been suggested before, but on the Tablet, it would be nice to have a web browser intergated (like the recent AviTab integration on the Zibo)
  13. Im not sure if its planned for the Ultimate (or if its already been suggested) but a Paper Checklist like the one coming the Zibo would be neat.
  14. Strange, did you try loading the Default 747 (yes, 747) before loading into the Zibo?
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