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  1. Hey. I've recently purchased XEnviro, and I think it is an absolutely amazing addition to my sim. I've had very few issues so far, but here's one I came across today. I wanted to know if this is a known bug, or if there is any fix for it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Oh okay! So technically, it shouldn't interfere with SFD Global's regional autogen... but it for some reason does. Would love to figure out a way to avoid that from happening! For reference, it only happens when I active one of the seasons.
  3. Hello. I just discovered SAM Seasons and I think it is an amazing addition to the sim, however I noticed that SAM Seasons will override SFD Global autogen. I believe this is due to SAM Seasons adding seasonal autogen as well. Now I don't mind the trees, however when it comes to buildings I'd prefer the regional autogen by SFD Global which SAM appears to override. Is there any possible way to avoid this from happening? Thanks in advance!
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