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  1. Sim - Thanks for replying. I was all excited to get home and try your recommendation because it was one thing I didn't think of but then I realized that after the most recent clean install I only had ever tried 2.2.4. Curious if at the time of the upgrade that was the problem, as I also use xOrganizer. But that was many wipes ago. Regrettably, even ensuring a completely clean slate (Plugins folder, Custom Scenery folder, SAM cache folder) I still consistently get the sim to crash with SAM content present. I remove it, no problems. It's truly perplexing. The good news, I don't ne
  2. Well, I'm throwing in the towel on this one. I've never been more perplexed with a plugin, so I'm just going to roll without it. I did a completely vanilla XP11 install (no add-ons, no custom scenery, no plug-ins) it's fine. But the moment I start adding things the inconsistent of CTD on sim load begins. Installed SAM I launched the sim 25 times with just SAM installed after a fresh XP11 install, no crash. Installed Toliss A319 I launched the sim 25 times with the 319 + SAM and the sim crashed on launches: 4, 17, 22, and 23 Uninstalled Toliss A319 I launched
  3. Marten - I don't have either files. So something is wrong with my sim. I'm going to work on rolling back to a vanilla XP11 install and then I'll add SAM first and report back if I can isolate the crashing to SAM.
  4. 2.2.3 - Crash to Desktop 2.2.2 - Crash to Desktop 2.2.1 - Crash to Desktop 2.2.0 - Crash to Desktop 2.1.9 - Crash to Desktop 2.1.8 - No crash with OpenGL, crash with Vulkan So that's fun. I can get the sim to run in OpenGL but not Vulkan. If I remove SAM all together, everything is still normal (OpenGL and Vulkan)
  5. I recently updated KBOS by MisterX and discovered that older versions of SAM would cause the sim to crash at that airport. So I upgraded from 2.0.7 to 2.2.4 and now my sim crashes immediately on startup. If I remove SAM completely both the sim and the airport launch without issue. If I roll back my backup of 2.0.7 the sim launches properly but the airport causes the CTD. I'd obviously prefer to have the updated SAM and KBOS. In reviewing other topics, it looks like I should have logs or dumps in my SAM folder but I don't. So I'm perplexed, as there's nothing in my log.txt to indicate
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