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  1. Hi everyone! I joined threshold August of last year, and I'm pleased on how far it has come. I have two suggestions that I believe likely would further the popularity of threshold. To begin, Imagine this: You were on the go and you get a notification from your favorite club with a new update that you been waiting for weeks, or a developer has replied back to you on a forum you been waiting for awhile. A threshold app would be very nice to have with X-Plane news at the touch of your finger tips. It would further the popularity of Threshold because members would be more active with Threshold being accessible on the go. I know you could access threshold via the integrated web browser on phones, however having it as an app would be more beneficial. Getting notifications would boost activity from users and make me want to check Threshold even more. Not to mention, this also brings the opportunity to add in app purchases. Accessing threshold on the phone as an app would also attract users as phones are more user friendly; as today's generation is learning more and more how to navigate and interact with apps. Next, I think it would be cool to have a weekly daily or monthly newsletter than users could sign up via text message or email. You could implement editorials as the emails. For example, every Monday, the advocates would receive the No Money Mondays editorial in email forum, or every Sunday Week Highlights. This idea could be implemented even deeper as users could also individually subscribe to topics within the editorial such as Aircraft Update or Scenery Release and so on. This could also invite more users to use Threshold more as they want to click on the email's links to follow through on what they saw within the email. In conclusion I believe having a phone application of Threshold would not only boost activity on the site, but also open many opportunities and invite other creative ideas such as notifications that highlights your favorite club, forum messages et cetera. And, having a Threshold newsletter would be a cool feature that would get users updated weekly, monthly, daily about their favorite subject among the editorials. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a pleasant day!
    Thank you so much! I love this livery, and i'm glad its finally available for zibo!
    Glad to see you finally fixed "barking brake" to parking brake! Well done! You should make one for the FF A320 next ?
  2. how do you activate the "self test" then? I was referring to the 1:22 minute mark talking about the faults ect.
  3. Can you add the self-test to the GPWS test? Example from video clip:
  4. I started with Flight Simulator X back in 2010. I mainly flew the default 737 on the Steam multiplayer, until years later when I had enough experience to join Vatsim comfortably. It wasn't until November of last year when my friend begged me to buy X-Plane 11. Being a FSX fanboy at the time, it was hard to think about merging over to a completely different simulator, which was way more complex. I was finally convinced to buy it. I was just amazed with the beautiful graphics and physics of X-Plane 11. I was shocked that there was a modified 737 completely for free that had almost all of the controls modeled! I was amazed how you could also changed the default graphics to even better gorgeous ones for free! To this day, I am still glad I have converted to X-Plane 11.
  5. Feature request: Can you make a version of sounds without the first officer? This would be a great implement because my friends and I do shared cockpit flights, and we found the first officer voice a bit tedious when flying together. It would make it more realistic if those sounds were gone when there’s an actual first officer with you. This feature could be just a simple setting in the tablet where you just choose an option called “FO callouts”. You would just click the option to disable/reenable the sounds.
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