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  1. Xephyr

    Xephyr's Best Shots

    Thanks! Besides a few that just have a crop applied, there are only two that I've made visual edits to. All the others are direct from the sim (as can be denoted by the ridiculously long file names)
  2. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Not officially. Of course you'd be free to try it, and it might well "work" to a degree, but both xEnviro and xVision are plugins that reach deep into X-Plane's internals and so conflicts would be expected.
  3. Xephyr

    EGPF - Glassgow International Airport, Scotland.

    The black text doesn't really play well with the default dark theme on the Threshold Forum - scenery looks great though!
  4. We come from all over, that's for sure!
  5. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    There is no official release target per-se. A realistic estimate could be the tail-end of Q1, perhaps beginning of Q2. Again, that is 100% subject to change and could be pulled forwards or pushed back.
  6. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    There won’t be an open beta for 1.10. Once closed beta is done, it will release.
  7. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    As you may or may not have seen during the recent bout of livestreams, Magnus mentions that towering clouds are not present in the beta versions *yet*. There were present in internal test builds, however, they will be one of the later additions in the beta.
  8. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Here's a video from way earlier in the development process (before beta even) of the FF A320 flying through the clouds. As such, stutters, artifacts and frame drops are not representative of the final product.
  9. Xephyr

    Xephyr's Best Shots

    This is a collection of my favourite screenshots in X-Plane 11.
  10. Fantastic livery courtesy of @KJO
  11. This is my favourite screenshot so far this year.. good place to share it too!
  12. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    No. It's up to the aircraft developer to implement a system that displays snow on your aircraft
  13. Xephyr

    Aircraft in development for X-Plane 11

    His 777 is also known under the name 'Aerobridge' - which is probably more recognisable to people at first glance.
  14. Xephyr

    Aircraft in development for X-Plane 11

    Our very own Peter Tram is developing this baby
  15. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    I agree that the "work-in-progress" releases work very well for Zibo and his 737, however with a payware product, it works less well. People expect a 100% finished product on release day, and that is why the previous releases of xEnviro got such poor reception - they still had many bugs and had the team not been pressured into a release, these would have been fixed. However, this issue is not up for debate. xEnviro 1.10 will be released when the developers feel the product is ready, no sooner.

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