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  1. DFW has long been one of my favorite megahubs to fly in and out of. Excited to see what the future holds for this project; I'll definitely be following its progress!
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Ace! Flight simulation has been one of my hobbies for many years. Started flying in FS2004, and later moved on to FSX and P3D. I've known of the existence of X-Plane for many years, but didn't seriously consider switching until last year when some of the big name P3D scenery developers began developing for X-Plane 11. Figured that if they saw something in the sim it had to be good! Downloaded the free demo last night and was hooked after two quick flights around Seattle in the default Cessna 172. Purchased the full version of XP11 today and am going to finish the install as soon as I get some free time. Being a fan of flying commercial airliners, I plan to start with the Zibo 737-800X and go from there. Once I'm acquainted with it I plan to up the ante with plugins such as a weather engine and AI traffic. So excited to get to know everyone in this community, and to see where this new simulator takes me!
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