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    X-Plane Shaders

    Was just surprised it looked like it did from the Demo, yeah, got to have some type of 3rd party addon scenery to help it
  2. I've read this question more than a few times, talking specifically only graphics, why doesn't X-Plane 11 or even upcoming versions probably, enhance, update, improve the quality of it's shaders, XP's graphics could and should be much better out of the box, having taken a look at the Demo, I agree.
  3. Not sure where here to ask this, but....Is there a updated version of the default B-52D "Balls Eight" ?
  4. Would anyone consider doing a 1967 Piedmont Airlines N68650 "Manhattan Pacemaker" for the FlyJSim 727-100 ?
  5. Very nice TWA paint, looks great, would you consider doing the 1967 Piedmont N68650 "Manhattan Pacemaker" for the FlyJSim 721 ?
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