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  1. OK, so I'm getting snowy white trees in winter aand no snow on the trees when terraMax is turned off, so the basic mechanism is working. I'll start testing changing seasons.. Great job Aussi..
  2. Perhaps its simple in theory, but i do believe your onto something.. cool. seasons disabled for now.. Will wait for an update to attack the problem again.. Back to poking and prodding :)..
  3. ok, its hanging on /objects/aircraft/props/regional_commuter/fokker-50/japan_{{airlines/object.obj. Ok, I suppose its to be expected, but OSX works with seasons disabled. Maybe it's bad news, but it could be some type of pointer to the actual issue as well. Theres a fundemental difference between the way seasons are being loaded and the rest of the library being loaded, and we need to adjust whatever is causing the hickup in the seasons. Let me know what youd like me to run and i'll make sure its done..
  4. Well, i couldnt sleep. Ever have one of those nights where you find yourself having a deep philisophical conversation with a warmed over stack of pancakes as the sun comes up?? Yeah! Well.. I uninstalled 2.5B1 and installed 2.4. Sttarted up OE and everything worked fine. OSX was listed among the libraries and everything was happy, SO! I uninstalled 2.4 and reinstalled 2.5B1 and had to run it twice because the first time it hung at 90% of the installation. However, with full installation of 2.5B1 there were missing objects reported by OE and OSX was not listed as one of the libraries.. The funny thing IS, OSX shows up in WED. Why the one and not the other?? I know theres a basic conflict between the two. You can add poly's and objects from OE AFTER you edit with WED, but anything you do in OE before editing with WED gets erased, so I was careful about that. I'm no programmer and after my trip to the hospital last october, I aint nearly what I used to be, so, i'm nearly useless there. I'll keep poking around though and see what i stumble across..
  5. good question. I'll reinstall it after i awaken ans see what i can see.. It worked as of a month ago when i updated both eagle air (6k5) and Bend Muni ( kbnd), so it should, however, I just updated my motherboard three days ago so things may havchanged..
  6. Very cool. Thanks Aussi.. I discovered this when I opened up RJOA v1.1 in OE, and there were eight or ten objects it couldnt find: all OpenSceneryX objects. I then decided to add in Objects from OSX, and it wasnt listed with the libraries. I checked in WED, and that worked fine ( except for my inability to do anything right ), so I went back to OE and OSX was gone again. RJOA (Hiroshima) is an odd duck. The author created it with WED but it isnt editable in WED unless your adding objects. So it isnt very editable in OE either, but i needed polygons and forests, which are OE's forte. I finally got my editing done ( you need to restrict lines in the terminal area of the airpiort ) so its on to another airport that needs love and attention.. I'll look forward to your findings.. Whiskey ..
  7. Ok, couple of things. Overlay Editor just flat refuses to recognize that OpenScenery exists. Any old OSX files that may have been being used are unreadable and discarded. I have reloaded the scenery, reloaded overlay editor, reinstalled OSSX, you name it. Its just not there to be used.. Latest OSX update was tonight. Seems the initial OSX install didnt install all the files, but i believe the update solved that issue. Will keep hacking away to see what i can find.. Whiskey Blue.
  8. Sooo, I'm starting with existing scenery and terramax if thats ok. Started with Mr X's Japan Pro Tokyo scenery and Matsuyama scenery. Probably during the beginning of the week, I'll create a new airport somewhere and use just OpenScenery to populate it to see what i can find, if thats ok.. Is there a test mattrix available of should I just wing it??? Whiskey
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