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  1. However, the three dots on the top right corner of the text box is buggy, and does not show up well, e.g. I can't edit my comment
  2. I'd just like to say the new threshold theme is absolutely gorgeous! Very easy to the eyes unlike your usual forum, thanks!
  3. lol blah blah blah blah... just switch to mfs2020 dude
  4. It is not compatible with Vulkan yet because Vulkan is beta, if you want to complain and troll, do it elsewhere man
  5. It is not compatible with Vulkan, turn off the Vulkan checkbox in your graphics settings tab.
    Best Japan scenery for X-Plane period. What a chad for putting your hard work out here for free.
  6. I've been using the livery for a while, thanks.
    Thanks for the excellent livery! Flew with this airline a couple of times to Japan!
    Missing two stars because the sharklets are missing colors. Otherwise a great livery. Also, reg inside cockpit is unchanged.
  7. I am a loyal supporter of this add-on and I don't believe urging developers to work faster and complaining do any good. However, I think everyone is tired of waiting for the incredibly slow updates and fixes including myself. I am thankful for the free new features being added, but what we need most is performance, compatibility and bug fixes ASAP. Hopefully measures are being done to address the rather slow development and the developers are more open to suggestions.
  8. Well I think you have a point. Development for this plugin is so slow compared to the changes in X-Plane and X-Enviro's developers are just not progressing fast enough, each update takes an average of half a year??? So it is indeed frustrating no matter how much I love this plugin.
  9. It is dynamic, which means it is based on the location. If it is hazy in real life in that location, then it's going to be hazy, if it's clear then it's going to be clearer, do you understand it?
  10. Have you had recent hardware changes to you computer? That disables the add-on for security reasons. I installed new ram last year and xEnviro stopped working. Sent a support ticket and got a reply in two days. It is not that long. Don't keep sending tickets or else you will not get a reply. Wait patiently please.
  11. Dude, it's life. Everything's a compromise. You get nicer clouds and the trade-off is frames, you can certainly disable it and gain your 20fps back using uglier clouds, it's your choice, it's a free world. It might be better giving constructive feedback than to whine and whine and whine about how bad the fps is and how you HATE this add-on. Everyone is frustrated, I have a GTX 1070 and it cuts off 10 frames off my system, I am frustrated too. But I am grateful for the beautiful rendition of the clouds and I am patiently waiting for the next patch that improves performance like everyone else. I'm sorry if I am a little harsh but it's not just not nice seeing everyone being so hateful in the flight sim community towards add-on makers. Good day mate
  12. There are countless of posts and updates you can read and it has always been available for Windows 10, what do you mean???
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