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  1. I'm also waiting for a "Hey guys, the project is not dead!"
  2. it happens to all of my planes too, it looks kind of weird during sunset
    You are such an artist! Please bring more of your talent to other aircrafts!
  3. Just wait and see, I am sure they will implement it soon! I think captain kitten is on vacation for a few weeks~
  4. Thank you for everything! Good luck and see you in the future!
  5. Would like to know too, following
  6. 1. xEnviro itself has a weather engine built in (Active Sky XP is also a weather engine) This is why you can't use them together, it is not programmed for Active Sky. 2. Moreover, the grain issue have been explained a thousand times. It is a drawback/limitation of current systems limitation. As stated by one of the xEnviro devs, "We just cannot make clouds look nice and have high performance at the same time. Not today. We can't have a slider or toggle for it either since the change in resolution goes deep in to the code. Grain is unavoidable and exist by design as a trade off for performance. Same goes for low detailed clouds and a few other visually related artifacts."
  7. Nobody: You: "I aM DisSaPoiNTed, tHiS iS UsELEss" What's up mate, this is a screenshots thread, not your own personal rant thread. You can always switch to something else that suits your need. It has been explained numerous times in this forum. VR is on the road map and not currently supported due to several limitations with post-processing and rendering. Historic weather is not yet implemented as it would mess up the security system.
  8. I just used the aircraft two days ago and it was fine. Today I installed xEnviro and it stopped working. Every other aircraft works except this. I installed the newest update afterwards with the x-updater for a320 and the same error persists. I disabled xEnviro and the same error showed up. I have no clue and I believe it is not a common issue. Log.txt
  9. Hey Captain Kitten, Would you mind giving us an update and some info about how the weather simulation differs? What changes have been made to the weather simulation side of xEnviro? Are the in-air effects being fine tuned? Cheers
  10. Will the new x-craft erj be supported? I'd love to connect the jetways at my home regional airport with the ERJs
  11. xEnviro is heavy on the GPU. Don't worry about your CPU. Custom sceneries and airports would certainly slow down your CPU much more. If you have a good GPU then don't worry.
  12. Are you on Mac OS? Some users on Mac OS discovered the same issue. Check forum
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