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  1. qwqaholic

    1.10 Development screenshots

    xEnviro is the future!! x-plane users can finally stop complaning about bad weather graphics in x plane! I hope the performance can be stable for a laptop user like me!! Great performance and great visuals plus good weather engine = BUY!
  2. B-LCB. Beautiful a320 operated by hong kong based HK Express. It would be cool if the livery comes with IAE variant and CFM variant.
  3. qwqaholic

    Livery request forum?

    Oh thank you! I was searching in the forums section and it turns out to be in the clubs section, thank you sir!
  4. I think it is a nice idea to have a Livery request forum for different planes, so livery creators can create what people want.
  5. qwqaholic

    Help Needed! Ortho tile and Runway does not match.

    I have replied you in the x plane forum. thank you
  6. Good day everybody. I'm a relatively new ortho4xp user. I have downloaded a few tiles in the past and they worked fine. Today I downloaded new tiles for an airport in my town, however the ortho images and the runway is off.( Image sample attached below for reference) A small part of the town also has the same problem: doesn't match the ortho really well. I have done a simple google search but I don't see a solution to my problem, I hope some of you all could help me with this. Ortho Source: Google Zoom Level: 17 (Custom Zoom Levels 18, 19 around the airport) +30 -097 Tile Airport: Navasota Muni (60R) I'm also using Ortho4XP with Alpilotx's HD Mesh V4 (In case you're wondering if I have followed correct procedures. Yes I did, I followed step by step with this video.) Cheers
  7. qwqaholic

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Everything in V1 will be free of charge as I know. This is V1.10, so it will be a free upgrade.
  8. qwqaholic

    Xephyr Preset

    Great Colours for Screenshots
  9. qwqaholic

    Ortho4xp master source list

    Hong Kong[GO2]Clouds: 100%Color Match: 90%ZL: Tested 17 100% Don't even bother to try other sources, Google is the only good source for Hong Kong. I wasted 2 hours downloading from Bing just to realize all images are covered with white clouds ?
  10. qwqaholic

    Xephyr Preset

    Thank you very much!

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