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  1. Hey guys...I am going to try to explain what I am experiencing. Pls tell me if this is normal or not normal behavior. The T/D is the issue. From 3.34 Full I started to experience this issues. In the latest update 3.35.4 this is what is happening: 1. Simbrief flight plan CYUL-KMCO 2. 13t of fuel; 20.1t payload 3. FMC shows OPT ALT 389; MAX 397 4. Flight plan legs: show 340 -340 in the legs is coming from Simbrief, I did not enter this or adjusted it 5. If I set the FMC to CRZ ALT of anything above 340 the T/D disappears, even if FMC shows OPT ALT as 389. 6. If I set CRZ ALT
  2. 3.33h Did some more testing. Found out that for the stab out of trim issue, it is somehow connected to A/T. FMC is set up. Pushed back. Ready to start the engines. - A/T off (is off from the ac initial load, switch on MCP was not touched to this point) - Engine Start: IGN R - Engine 2: switch to Ground - Watch trim slowly slide down to APL NOSE UP - Bring up trim with Trim Pitch - Turn A/T on - Trim stays where it was left with Pitch Trim - Engine 2: introduce fuel - Engine 2: good start This is a bug unless engines should be started with A/T set to on prior
  3. Hey guys...I am wondering is some one could help. I have two issues with Zibo 738, e and h: 1. Random Out of Trim - seems to happen after FMC programming is complete - random flights - trim goes all the way down to APL NOSE UP; it can be brought back to required position with Pitch Trim control but slides slowly back down if Pitch Trim button is released; the wheel will not move with the mouse at this point. - the moment wheels leave the ground issue goes away; trim stays where Pitch Trim button was released There is nothing that seems to work except Pitch Trim. I take off wi
  4. I was 'playing' around with SAM using CYYT as my test field. Very first time I started it all was great, easy. Then I restarted XP and: - I had templates then they were gone. The option to choose a template is there but when I click on it it shows No Templates Defined. I tired to re-install SAM to give it a fresh start still no templates. How would I get them back? - There are two jetways it seems but scenery has just one. Where is the other one; how do I delete it? EDIT: I was able to get the templates back; phantom jetway is gone, but not before reinstalling the scenery
  5. 737-900 1810 does not load with parking break set. This causes jetway to pull away the moment plane loads. Anyway to fix this? Tried save situation in XP11; tried save config in the tablet/aircraft config - set the brakes manually and save - both options not working. Thnx.
  6. I7-5820k @ 4GHZ (OC'd)
    32GB DDR4 RAM
    - AVERAGE FPS: 35 (FFA320, ZIBO737, U737-900, FF757 / FS GLOBAL REAL WEATHER, ORTHO)

  7. I recall taking a long bus ride with my mother one day when I was about 6yo. This was a long time ago. She asked me what I liked to do besides what a 6 year old normally does lol. The answer, after a long pause, I was told it was quite a funny face I made there, was flying. See, not long before we took a flight in a twin turbo prop to visit my uncle. It was my first flight. Ever since then I was hooked. Then some time after my uncle got a PC. I don not think it was even 286. He had a flight simulator loaded on it. It as the Microsoft Flight Simulator, I believe, the first version ever. It had
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