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  1. I started simming when I was young with MS 2002. I have loved aviation for aslong as I remember! As time progressed so did my simultor of choice. Eventually in 2012 setteling down with FSX. At first I was content with freeware products then as time went by I gopt more interested in more complex and deep simulation so I fell in love with PMDG products. Around the start of the year I joind up to the X plane page on faebook and could see some really exciting stuff that was miles ahead of FSX. I did not want to buy P3D due to having to spend literaly hundreds of ££'s on pmdg again. So I have since jumped and my affiliation with MS products are over. The only thing I miss in X plane 11 is time compression but with everything in life there will have to be a compromise along the way somewhere. X plane is on the rise and the future. I hope there are many happy years on this form to come! Happy simming Scotgr
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