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    737 max

    theaviator Most of the updated information I have been able to find is under the 737NG series project in the "From the lab" tab. As much interest this aircraft generates when it even mention, I find it ironic that this aircraft does not have its own category labeled "737 MAX" with all related information consolidated in that tab. Bob
  2. djDragon737 I watch Jon Fly beta testing video on Youtube and the plane really looks great. One question and forgive if its has been answer before I wondering if your are going to include the LEAP engines sounds that this aircraft has. Those sounds makes the MAX totally distinguishable from the rest of the 737's. The sound in real life is incredible. Also brings me another question, will that engine (LEAP) be modeled in the aircraft. Just curious. Thanks Bob
  3. This looks very nice. Looking forward to the progress on this project. Keep up the good work. Bob
  4. djdragon737 Looking forward to the release of KBWI and with list of what will be in it will differently make it a "must have" upgrade. I have the older version that needed a bit of polishing, however I will certainly add it to the my list of purchase when it comes out. Thanks for doing this scenery Bob
  5. Started in the DOS days with Microsoft Flight simulator 2.0 and use the Sublogic Scenery Disk on a IBM Model 30. I was limited to the CGA mode, 4 colors due the incompatibility with the EGA graphic design in many games and applications. That machine was using a MCGA graphic system before switching to Paradise VGA card. (This brings back memories for those who remember) Upgrade to Flight Simulator 4.0 and added the Aircraft and Scenery Designer before upgrade the processor of IBM Model 30's, Intel 8086 to a Sota 386 possessor expansion card with the memory card. The use of memory manager help freeing up space within the 640k range where with the application runs. It would benefit flight simulator and other application. In between that time, I started using ATP Flight Assignment by Sublogic. It contain 480 navigational aids that cover across the US out of the box. It also had an excellent ATC and good modeled large commercial jet aircraft. After a few upgrades with Sublogic ATP and later Airline Simulator, a scenery package was release called USA East and West. This gave you every airport and every city with great night time visuals of its time. Graphics was limited but it was enjoyable. Later on I decided to jump back on the Microsoft Flight simulator side versions 5.0, 5.1 98, FS2004, FS9. At that time I am running a Pentium with Windows from 95 to XP. I skipped NT. Built a new machine in 2014 and install FSX and after a memory upgraded (3930k, 32 gigs of Ram and Titan X Pascal, on Windows 7 ) installed X plane 10.45 10.50, 11.20 with VR permanently. What brought me to X plane, I was intrigue in exploring the aircraft models that where based on the Bland element theory and was impress by the way each aircraft performance more realistically than in FSX. What also impress me was the the design of the payware aircraft IXEG 737 300 flies and it electrical behavior between switching from GPU to the engine power. I have never seen anything that model the behavior of instruments flicker when being switch on other sims at that time. Now most other 64bit sims payware perform those feature but only saw it in X plane first. The other reason for coming to X plane is that its was a 64bit application, taking advantage of up to date hardware and graphic cards naively. This means that the out of memory issue goes away for completing flights with modest to large area of scenery. Also X plane is in continuous development with newer technology being added. It has a mature support group and a market that seems to be expanding each year. More and more video's with more users are come over with excitement. The freeware community is amazing with many aircraft being design that rivals it payware counterparts (Zibo mod exp). It is really a joy to fly in the sim and there is something more to look forward to. I am retired IT professional and enjoy flying the sim as a hobby. Bob
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