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  1. Also, make sure you turn off failures in the XP11 settings. I have had this issue before where it will give you random failures like that because I had failures set to occur between x intervals by accident.
  2. There have been many posts on the org and on discord about this issue. The Zibo is a big file, so there are lots of people getting the dreaded download limit exceed message. There is a way around that. Simply copy what you want to download from the Zibo folder into your own personal Google Drive area. Download the file. If step 2 does not work, right click the folder and click "make a copy." The folder will now be renamed to something like "copy of (insert original file name here)" This is what I did to download some of the Zibo hotfixes. Hope this helps! Whoops, I completely missed how this was posted already in FAQ for issues. I jumped the gun on this one and forgot this tip is posted here in this subforum, my apologies.
  3. Generally speaking, most of the liveries have not been updated to take advantage of these new features. I would contact the author of those liveries and see if they can update their plane so they look good with the winglets, or you could try to repaint it yourself in Photoshop or Gimp.
  4. No no, it does. 3.30a was for Mac users that had issues, it was a hotfix. 3.30 includes the following.
  5. I made this mistake too! Switch Google Drive to list view instead of grid view. You will see 3.30 (without the a) being over 1GB, and THAT is the one you download. 3.30a is a separate file for Mac users. I know, it threw me off too. I would also consider holding off until 3.30b, which should be released pretty soon. It will fix the bugs, and there are several in the first version of 3.30 (usually is the case on the first iterations anyway).
  6. Can you attach a log.txt after you get those stutters so we can get a better idea on what could be causing it (plugin conflict, specs are not up for it, settings, etc.)? I would first start redownloading the plane from scratch. If that does not work, then disabling unnecessary plugins and clearing your preferences and shader cache folder may help. What aircraft do you own besides the Zibo? Do you have any CPU intensive aircraft like the FF A320?
  7. Excellent! Looks great, and I can't wait for this bad boy to be released. Keep up the good work ?
  8. Looks great! I look forward to seeing that airport. This will most certainly be a favorite among frequent Southwest Airlines pilots in XP11.
  9. That is an amazing photo! I could be fooled into thinking that that was a real photo taken IRL instead of in X-Plane ?
  10. Well, first and foremost, The Zibo 738x and the 737-900ER Ultimate are hands down the best freeware jetliners in XP11. The amount of immersion with features like Audiobirds sounds, more systems than the default 737, awesome looking cabin and cabin lighting (more so on the 739U right now), etc., is astounding. I can't think of any other freeware jetliner that brings so much to the table. Most consider these to easily be payware-level aircraft (by that, I mean that most freeware aircraft do not offer as much content, that you would expect something of this sort to be payware), and yet, they are free. Donations may be given to the devs. Download links for those planes are already provided on these forums.
  11. What are your specs of your computer? Are you getting any error messages or popups? Can you try loading up the 739U again, and when it crashes, can you post your log.txt (within the main X-Plane folder) file immediately after it crashes?
  12. Sort by caption to get correct order of photos. Edit: "b739_80" should have gone after "b739_74" in the order since "b739_80" was taken last, but it was in replay mode when I touched down.
  13. Alright, I am going to have to add another one here that was just recently posted on the org in the last few days. It is T_Fleck's KMSP. It is my understanding that he gave Iced8383 permission to update and upload it to the org. I did a flight there yesterday! Here are a couple more pics of it! https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46321-kmsp-minneapolis-saint-paul-international-airport/ Absolutely amazing for a freeware airport! 10/10 would recommend.
  14. Click out of this forum and go to the main "HELP" section, then click "start new topic.
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