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  1. Many thanks for the reply. However, you mention if using a dynamic water script I should turn off the automatic wave scaling feature. Do you mean what is called "Advanced Water" ? Do I need to put the lines of the dynamic water script into the FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility_Static_Overide.lua to give it priority, as you had described re the Cloud Art post above?
  2. If one turns off the Advanced water, will a separate lua script which determines those dtf parameters based on wind/wave strength work if included in the LUA script folder? Alternatively, if such a script exists additionally in the LUA Script folder and Advanced Water is set to on, does FlyAGI Tweak adjust the wave parameters automatically as conditions change, as it appears to read what has been set by the script, or does it only read the status when saved in FlyAGI Tweak?
  3. I download the SAM Suite and reinstalled, but it still says version is 2.0.6. is this the latest version? That was the version that I already had.
  4. Thanks, I had notíced there were new versions. Not sure what version I had, although have not updated for a while, so will reinstall the latest as you suggest.
  5. I had a CTD today and both the Log.txt and Windows Event log sighted the SAM plugin as the cause. I wasn't even using it at the time.
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