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  1. Unzip the file and drop the contents of the folder inside A350 folder. Should by OK.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    ITX-D Lights Controls, gives you the control of X-Plane night lighting in a very intuitive way. By dragging the sliders you will be able to achieve the result you want, live. Also includes a custom lights.txt file with bigger light coverage. FPS impact in most cases will be one, or very minor. REQUIREMENTS: FlyWithLua INSTALLATION: Unzip the downloaded file into X-Plane 11 folder. Will request to overwrite the default lights.txt file. Note: In case of an update, the updater would like to overwrite the file with the default one. Don't allow to do it, or after update, re-install this u
  3. Version 2.0.1


    Avitab integration for FlightFactor's A350-900. Uses OIS charts page to display the Avitab screen. REQUIREMENTS Avitab plugin (version 0.4.1 or higher) INSTALLATION Unzip the file into FF A350 folder. NEW FEATURES Now uses xLua plugin for easier installation. With the new Avitab version, you can now use Avitab in both side and center displays. Set automatically the proper cursor type. USAGE Go to OIS charts page to access Avitab.
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Librain implementation for Laminar's Cessna 172SP. This implementation is based on an improved version of Laminar's xLua plugin (included) by "aeroplane" and a small part, by me. This way, you avoid to use an extra plugin to get rain effects. C-172SP G1000 Walkaround Do the following to make it work: Open the file Cessna_172SP_G1000_cockpit.obj with a text editor. Find the last line starting with IDX (should be IDX5455 - Line 7428) Add just below and above the line that says ANIM_begin the line: ATTR_cockpit. Save the file and enjoy flying
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A simple integration of Avitab into the default B747-400, by Ilias Tselios. INSTALLATION 1. Windows and Linux users: Drop the B747-400 folder into X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/ folder. Done! 2. Mac users: a. Copy the Avitab.json file in the X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/B747-400/ folder. b. Copy the folder "B747.Avitab" found in the B747_Avitab/Boeing B747-400/plugins/xlua/scripts/ folder into the X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/B747-400/plugins/xlua/scripts/ folder. USAGE 1. With the aircraft powered up, press the ECS button on the glaresh
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This file will change how X-Plane looks at night at a very realistic way, without any noticeable performance penalty. Changes the default X-Plane file, so should work with any addons. For better experience, remove anything that alters X-Plane lighting. INSTALLATION: Go to X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/world/lites folder and backup the lights.txt file. Put in place the lights.txt from the archive you've downloaded. Enjoy flying at night! If you have any problems, replace with the one you have backed up. NOTE: In a future update, X-Plane might override
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