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  1. I would like to add my thanks for your efforts to make flying a lot of fun! Your support on the forums will also be greatly missed. Good luck!
    I'm used to the Google Drive option when downloads are exceeded. I can't seem to copy to Google with the 700U
  2. I don't know if it's normal or not, but that's what it ;looks like on my sim. The scale numbers don't really match up with a horizon indicator. Keep in mind that in level flight the airplane is in a nose up configuration.
  3. Totally agree on the Zibo 738. I have flown the 739 and need a little push to jump back in.
  4. I started with X Plane 10 four years ago. I am now using the latest X Plane 11 and almost always fly the Zibo B 738X. I am loving the way it is growing in complexity and improving in flight characteristics. I have contributed twice and am getting ready to do it again!
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