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  1. @trooperMNG thanks for this list, exactly what I was looking for as I’m away from my fsim PC for a few days and wanted to see what Liveries came with the package.
  2. I have not seen all the nasty bits that have been posted, just this thread and the post more recently from Milviz stating they are dropping all XP plans. I had bought a number of their planes in FSX/P3D like the C310R redux and their B732 classic and whilst one the one hand they make good models I found there were always niggly things that they didn’t get right and never seems to want to fix even a long time after release and were also cold in response to requests to address any problems, so I stopped using what I had and decided I would probably never buy another of their products as I found I could always find an alternative that more than satisfied my requirements and often for less cost. This has certainly been the case since taking up XP11 with the likes of DDenn and Aerobask to name two. So Milviz’s decision will not be a loss to me.
  3. A really great VFR airstrip that does not seem to be in the list is LFKX from XPFR group. LFKX Meribel XP10.45 https://xpfr.org/?body=scene_accueil&sc=311 With the participation of cigaloi30 FRANCE (RHONE-ALPES) close to Grenoble X-Plane : 10.45 (I have tested in XP11) Require OpenSceneryX Méribel is a high altitude airport whose runway has three different slopes , near a golf course and surrounded by luxury hotels and chalet-style residences. takeoff is descending, and landing face downhill. LFKX Altiport de Méribel MFX 15/33 1333x49 0.27nm
  4. I had found this site once before and had forgotten about it until a recent search brought me back. I have a long love affair with Aviation starting in my pre teens and then RW training in a PA28-140 back in the early 60’s. Took to fsim 30 odd years ago with MSFS 3.0 through to FSX (missed a couple), then with Steam FSX:SE briefly before swapping to P3D V4 (I never have more than one sim installed at a time) then only less than two months ago changed to FS11 and have had a great time so far devotion about 50% of my time to flying and 50% to installing new Freeware payware, utilities and libraries. Loved the journey so far, especially the easy UI, freedom from the horrible MS registry and ability and power to arrange addons so easily I have slowly been increasing my HD scenery especially W2xp Simheaven Hd Mesh orbx TE GB Orbx TE NL Germany VFR 3D Eiger Park AustraliaPro VOZ Alaska Sth East ultra res mesh US Orthophotos 1.1 And the list grows My favourite planes so (in order of use): - Ddenn CL30 - Aerobask Eclipse 550NG - Dreamfoil Bell407 (fantastic heli) - default C172 (with mods) - Aerobask DA-62 and most recently - B737 Zibo Mod (this will soon move up the priority list!) And finally I will list my favourite utilities and plug-ins (no order) - FlyWithLUA - xVision - xManager - Alex’s LittleNavMap (what a great app) - 124thATC - Autogate - Terrain Radar - VMI-twick VR - AviTAB - xLife - xOrganizer - xAddonManager Not a bad list for less than two months since I first installed XP11. Am I happy with x-Plane - you bet Now you excuse me, I have flying and configuring to get on with. Cheers Anton.
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