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  1. @trooperMNG thanks for this list, exactly what I was looking for as I’m away from my fsim PC for a few days and wanted to see what Liveries came with the package.
  2. I have not seen all the nasty bits that have been posted, just this thread and the post more recently from Milviz stating they are dropping all XP plans. I had bought a number of their planes in FSX/P3D like the C310R redux and their B732 classic and whilst one the one hand they make good models I found there were always niggly things that they didn’t get right and never seems to want to fix even a long time after release and were also cold in response to requests to address any problems, so I stopped using what I had and decided I would probably never buy another of their products as I found
  3. A really great VFR airstrip that does not seem to be in the list is LFKX from XPFR group. LFKX Meribel XP10.45 https://xpfr.org/?body=scene_accueil&sc=311 With the participation of cigaloi30 FRANCE (RHONE-ALPES) close to Grenoble X-Plane : 10.45 (I have tested in XP11) Require OpenSceneryX Méribel is a high altitude airport whose runway has three different slopes , near a golf course and surrounded by luxury hotels and chalet-style residences. takeoff is descending, and landing face downhill. LFKX Altiport de Méribel MFX 15/33 1333x49 0.27
  4. I had found this site once before and had forgotten about it until a recent search brought me back. I have a long love affair with Aviation starting in my pre teens and then RW training in a PA28-140 back in the early 60’s. Took to fsim 30 odd years ago with MSFS 3.0 through to FSX (missed a couple), then with Steam FSX:SE briefly before swapping to P3D V4 (I never have more than one sim installed at a time) then only less than two months ago changed to FS11 and have had a great time so far devotion about 50% of my time to flying and 50% to installing new Freeware payware, utilities and librar
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