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  1. As a fellow Virtual Aircraft Sound Technician N00b(tm) I enjoyed helping ya out haha. Congrats on getting as far as you've gotten. Good luck on the rest & future!
  2. Can confirm, the three dots need fixing in mobile. Otherwise looks awesome! Very easy to use.
  3. Heyyyy big hype here!! Old liveries will not work, however transferring liveries to the NG series won't take too much time, as it has a similar UV mapping.
  4. Since 777 is the priority, as I saw somewhere; Without seeing the 777 in light we will not see the 757 in light.
  5. WolfAir_737

    Best of Everyone

    Wanna see the "best shots" of yours ?
  6. Hi, There are some liveries (like default 172, 747, etc.) that seem to use _lit texture files. So here are my questions: 1. Are they actually using those files? 2. If so, is there any easy way to make custom livery "blend" into them? So it's a WolfAir-themed C172 paint. I noticed there's a "_lit.dds" on both fuselage and wings textures. Other liveries have those included, but I don't know if they're making much difference. Thanks in advance!
  7. Zibo is an open source-like freeware while this is fully(ish) featured paid product. I forgot who said it, but both of them will "always be in beta," but when you are paying for something, (especially this hefty 70 dollar price tag) you'd probably expect most of the bugs squashed and delivers on whatever that is promised. There's already a pretty good amount of people working as a beta tester it seems. That would be us for Zibo team. Zibo has his own philosophy of uploading an update every few days or every week. And that works fine. Everyone picks on issues and in the next mini-update t
  8. Excerpt of American Airlines Commercial from 1995.... I think this will be a great place to share our shots! (edit: totally forgot to include I use reshade. no fotoediting tho- this at 30fps! quite interesting!)
  9. wow wow WOW this is really nice! I see some repetition, but it looks very good so far. Idk if I can dump $70 for it, but it sure looks amazing. sometimes I notice the sunset colors change throughout days. I think I saw it mentioned somewhere but if you guys dynamically determine your sky colors, is that possible? I've seen lack of reddish or purpleish sunset shots, thought i'd ask haha. Great job so far!
  10. buying a real plane before even knowing how the plane itself works! what a courage! I sure hope you'll like it ?
  11. Thank you! It's my favorite out of my own wolfair liveries haha
  12. Hey, this will be quite a bit of story, I mean not like super exciting like I was walking through some mountain, found an ancient artifact, and told me to get X-Plane 11. ? No. Put that "big chunk of text" expectation allll the way down. Just another story. That's it. But I thought I'd just write it out and put it somewhere! (also if anyone can tell me how to put that "show/hide"I'll surely do that to my story haha) Hmm... Where to start. Well, I wasn't very interested in aviation at all at the beginning. I was a train boy! Why? I was born in Japan. Trains were EVERYWHERE, especi
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