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  1. Since 777 is the priority, as I saw somewhere; Without seeing the 777 in light we will not see the 757 in light. I do FMOD in the YA747. Our progress is very slow, and we don't want to talk about future planes anytime soon. Sure, I'd love to pick it up, but we ought to prove ourselves before doing such things. With that said, we're always open for new devs (afaik we really need someone who can code?). Show us your previous work, and we might get you onboard! ....please? XD
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    Best of Everyone

    Wanna see the "best shots" of yours ?
  3. Hi, There are some liveries (like default 172, 747, etc.) that seem to use _lit texture files. So here are my questions: 1. Are they actually using those files? 2. If so, is there any easy way to make custom livery "blend" into them? So it's a WolfAir-themed C172 paint. I noticed there's a "_lit.dds" on both fuselage and wings textures. Other liveries have those included, but I don't know if they're making much difference. Thanks in advance!
  4. Zibo is an open source-like freeware while this is fully(ish) featured paid product. I forgot who said it, but both of them will "always be in beta," but when you are paying for something, (especially this hefty 70 dollar price tag) you'd probably expect most of the bugs squashed and delivers on whatever that is promised. There's already a pretty good amount of people working as a beta tester it seems. That would be us for Zibo team. Zibo has his own philosophy of uploading an update every few days or every week. And that works fine. Everyone picks on issues and in the next mini-update that issue is gone. And then next. And so on. However, the ultimate -900 follows a similar philosophy as here, updating less frequently but larger updates that are more stable. That works as well, there won't be a game-breaking issue, at least not much. That would be especially important in things like these, would you pay $70 for a buggy product? I wouldn't. I'm very sure they are fully aware of every bit of the problems they have. They just need some time to squash them, and for that, we just need to wait. There's no need to add more beta testers for the sake of people not screaming at them for the same bugs that others probably reported and devs are aware of. People have asked in-development versions for "testing purposes" when they most likely just want to use a shiny new version not realizing that it's very likely a buggy, broken, incomplete (as xE team makes specific builds for specific things it seems) product. TL;DR Both philosophies work, but in payware stuff, this is probably better, in my opinion. Just wait. It'll be here eventually. I'm excited for this as well. I'm a little poor but I'm probably gonna save up for it anyways
  5. Excerpt of American Airlines Commercial from 1995.... I think this will be a great place to share our shots! (edit: totally forgot to include I use reshade. no fotoediting tho- this at 30fps! quite interesting!)
  6. wow wow WOW this is really nice! I see some repetition, but it looks very good so far. Idk if I can dump $70 for it, but it sure looks amazing. sometimes I notice the sunset colors change throughout days. I think I saw it mentioned somewhere but if you guys dynamically determine your sky colors, is that possible? I've seen lack of reddish or purpleish sunset shots, thought i'd ask haha. Great job so far!
  7. buying a real plane before even knowing how the plane itself works! what a courage! I sure hope you'll like it ?
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    B737-900 Final Approach

    Thank you! It's my favorite out of my own wolfair liveries haha
  9. Hey, this will be quite a bit of story, I mean not like super exciting like I was walking through some mountain, found an ancient artifact, and told me to get X-Plane 11. ? No. Put that "big chunk of text" expectation allll the way down. Just another story. That's it. But I thought I'd just write it out and put it somewhere! (also if anyone can tell me how to put that "show/hide"I'll surely do that to my story haha) Hmm... Where to start. Well, I wasn't very interested in aviation at all at the beginning. I was a train boy! Why? I was born in Japan. Trains were EVERYWHERE, especially where I lived for a big chunk of my life, Tokyo. Anything that you can drive, I got interested, and trains happened to be the one standing out to me. (I still love 'em!) Years passed without too much interest in aviation - I had part of my family in the USA, so I did fly on planes, but it wasn't something I was super duper interested in. But looking back, I seriously miss the 747-400s that I got to fly on haha. Wish I can time travel back! Then something happened- moving. Across Pacific. ? Yeah, all the way to California. It was quite surprising to me, but we had our reasons, and we agreed on that decision. I had super bad English back then. I'm still not too confident with my English today, either. ? All the trains were gone too- We live near LAX, trains were there but not as much as there were in Tokyo... But what was there, more than Japan? PLANES! Little by little, I got interested in them. I started watching FSX videos, thinking "wow, that's pretty cool!" But I really didn't have any pc to actually try it myself.. I had old iPad though. And what I got instead? You probably guessed it... Infinite Flight! ? It had even worse graphics and sounds back then. I recently listened to clips of older MSFS and it sounded exactly like that... Strange! But it really sparked me into Aviation- even though I had no idea how to fly, messing around with throttle and yoke, crashing and stalling and taking off at 300 knots with no flaps... and even calling a gear-crushing landing a "good landing" haha. It also kind of helped me through English- the communications you hear through some youtube videos were super cool. I still watch them, like VASAviation and others. But I wanted more... And I received my parents' old Dell Inspiron that cost $2k back then around 2007 but lacks severely in today's standards. It was enough to run... You guessed it.... FSX! I've got the steam edition, and the first thing on the logbook, and I still have the log... Is default F/A-18 on Area 51. ? Probably got some AFP95 blood in me! With the good ol' Mad Catz flight stick that I still haven't gotten around replacing it yet, I started flying a whole metric ton of flying on it. It wasn't any like, payware quality stuff, but I still enjoyed with the POSKY and TDS and many other free add-ons that are still available today. I also joined this community called FSXCC... and competed others at landing jets in crazy places while having fun talking to others! Even though it had no PMDG, no Orbx, no Aerosoft, no fancy payware... I still had a BLAST of fun out of FSX. Before I knew it, I logged 1,000 hours on FSX in a year. It was definitely time to upgrade from the old laptop to a proper system. I mean, it's only an ivy bridge i5 and a GTX 1050 ti, and I still use it to this day. It's nearing the end of 2017... yeah, a little late, but with a far more capable system.. I decided to try... and finally I can say... X-Plane 11!!! yaaaay!! xD It absolutely BLEW MY MIND with the stunning graphics as well as the quality of the default aircraft. It surely was a joy to actually feel the airplane instead of planes being on rails. ? I went through Threshold as well as many other community websites to find tons of amazing sceneries and plug-ins and add-ons, and I stumbled upon this little freeware that's called... uhh how do you spell this? zeebo? zeybu? oh right... Zibo 737!!! I almost lost it honestly... Being used to that previously mentioned POSKY and TDS and others, I was simply blown away and almost thought I was illegally pirating or something. It was that good. I had so much time playing around with it, and it's sparked me even more interest in aviation. And it's getting even better. The X-Plane as a whole is getting better. Heck, it brought me as far as asking a Cessna 172 demo flight for my holiday's gift! It was so much fun while impressing my instructor that day. ? It's only been a couple years since I've moved to California. Yeah, that means I'm still not like, a 10k hour fs pilot, but I don't care, I'm still the same people who like planes! I definitely still consider myself a "newbie," but I think I've discovered so much more just by getting into X-Plane. You know, imagine yourself, FSX with low settings, all the way up to X-Plane with stunning, free, add-ons. Within just a few weeks. That's one HUGE transition if I do say so myself, and I have zero regrets, and consider every penny I spent on X-Plane 11 worth it! Still being a teenager without much money, X-Plane's value and community support made me really just, love it. The upcoming freeware is exciting, and new freeware releases never cease to amaze me! Slowly getting into payware stuff too... The IXEG flies beautifully! Can't wait for the rotate with the stunning-looks MD-11... ? I'd like to thank Laminar and the X-Plane community for being part of this huge inspiration of myself into Aviation when I was lost without the trains. I still love them... But Planes are awesome, too! ? I'm super sorry for super long post, holy cow! I guess I really wanted to talk about this! Did I just write so much story out of like... 5 years? I'm so crazy xD Cheers, WolfAir
  10. Holy cow, this looks amazing! Go download it NOW!! xD
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    Wolf Airlines [fictional]

    All shots WolfAir! [fictional]
  12. Question- Does liveries, prefs (the custom views), and other personal customization files get kept? or will they be completely removed with a fresh install of the newer version?
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