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  1. As of this posting the current X-Plane 11 v11.34r1 with the 3.34rc2.15 still does not register APU or ASU Duct Pressure (under any bleed / pack / valve configuration). However the 3.34rc2.14a does register duct pressure for both the APU and ASU as expected.
  2. Using X-Plane 11 v11.33r2 the 738X 3.34rc2.15 does not register any duct pressure from both the ASU and APU. Log has been included. Log.txt
  3. Can confirm the same 3.34rc2_15 does not register any bleed pressure (APU or ASU). XP11 v 11.33r2
  4. For those looking for an easy and efficient way to search for freeware & payware releases of airport scenery, I've found this link to be very helpful! Just input the ICAO of the airport you wish to search and press enter.
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