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  1. As of this posting the current X-Plane 11 v11.34r1 with the 3.34rc2.15 still does not register APU or ASU Duct Pressure (under any bleed / pack / valve configuration). However the 3.34rc2.14a does register duct pressure for both the APU and ASU as expected.
  2. Using X-Plane 11 v11.33r2 the 738X 3.34rc2.15 does not register any duct pressure from both the ASU and APU. Log has been included. Log.txt
  3. Can confirm the same 3.34rc2_15 does not register any bleed pressure (APU or ASU). XP11 v 11.33r2
  4. Currently set 1 through 4 are generic soundsets with 5 through 12 announcing the airline they are for on initial selection of the set number, no documentation necessary imo.
  5. For those looking for an easy and efficient way to search for freeware & payware releases of airport scenery, I've found this link to be very helpful! Just input the ICAO of the airport you wish to search and press enter.
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